Friday, May 19, 2017


14" x 16" (framed)
Inks on watercolor paper.

New piece for the Hero Complex Gallery group show, "Black light". All pieces in the show are fluorescent/black light, reactive artworks.

I've been nerding out on old Planet of the Apes movies lately. After the original, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes is my second favorite of the series. Watching Ricardo Montalban act along side Roddy Macdowell is a real treat, and Roddy's performance in that film was pretty moving. Maybe I'm becoming a big softie in my old age, but, damn. I feel for him in this movie. 

Anyway, deets for the show are below. Stop by if your in the area!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coen bros. Tribute Show

11" x 14" (framed)
Ink on Illustration Board

Here's a current piece for a Coen bros. tribute show that is currently up at Gallery 1988. The show runs through December 23rd. For this tribute I decided to do the nihilists from their movie "The Big Lebowski". The Coens are known for creating amazing characters in every movie. Even the secondary characters are always as interesting (and sometimes even more) as the main characters.
The nihilists from this movie are no exception. 

It's been awhile since I did a black and white, comic book style piece. I did this one with a brush and FW ink. I also felt that nihilists don't deserve to be in color. Deets for the show are below.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Yada Yada Yada Part 2!

"Seinfeld Soliloquy"
11" x 14" (framed)
Acrylics on Illustration Board

    It's another art show about nothing. Seinfeld! Tonight at Gallery 1988 (East) is the 2nd Seinfeld tribute show. I can still watch these episodes over and over, and I'm still blown away at how many quotable lines people still use to this day. I threw in 10 random references from the show into this piece. It's all centered around a not so subtle nod to Danny Trejo's treatment of his chest tattoo, but instead, with Elaine in her urban sombrero. While doing research for the show I also found out this tidbit about the now famous music intro. Television music composer, Jonathan Wolff, treated Jerry's voice from his opening monologue, as a musical instrument and wrote the tune around that. Even more interesting, each opening theme is slightly different. He would pace everything around the rhythm of Jerry's bits, as not to interfere with the jokes. I thought that was pretty neat. Anyway, you can watch his interview here from an old episode of E! News.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Crazy 4 Cult X

"Kubrikian Convictions"
20" x 20"
Acrylics on Canvas

Did this Kubrick inspired painting for Gallery 1988's Crazy for Cult group show.
One of the best exhibits (The Del Toro exhibit that was recently there is also at the top of that list.) I've seen at LACMA was when they did an overview of Kubrick's career. Amazing!
I can't say enough about the impact Kubrick has made on film. If you need a refresher enjoy this short 20 minute clip.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Power of Mattel

"Daily Affirmation"
12" x 16"

Latest piece for Gallery1988's group show collab with MATTEL TOYS!
On display until October 15th.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dusk 'Till Dawn/G1988 20 years Later

"Pandemonium at Dawn"
Acrylics on panel
14" x 18" (17" x 21") framed

Here's the latest piece for tomorrow night's group show at G1988. This show will celebrate a handful of movies that came out 20 years ago. Dusk 'Till Dawn is the first collaboration between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Following QT's Pulp Fiction and RR's Desperado, the two friends decided to collaborate on a horror movie, that has now been turned into a full on series on Rodriguez's own channel, El Rey. Hard to believe this came out 20 years ago. It's a super fun movie and still one of my favorites. It's also fun to watch a horror movie that is full of practical fx instead of being heavy handed with 3D. Anyway, here's hoping RR & QT collab on one more project.

Here's how the framed piece came out along with a close up of the frame itself.

Above is an in progress shot and below is an example of the sketch done in photoshop. I wish my schedule allowed the time to do traditional pencils, but it's just so much faster and easier to compose and scale on the computer.

Anyway, below are the deets for tomorrow night's show that runs up until July 16th.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

30 Years Later

16" x 16"
Acrylics on Board

Gallery 1988's latest group show celebrates the movies from 1986. I chose James Cameron's movie, ALIENS. I thought Cameron did a great job with the mom angle in this version of the  Aliens
franchise between Ripley and the alien queen. The director's cut emphasizes this even more. There's a great scene where we see Ripley coming to grips with not being able to see her daughter grow up. In this version, we learn that, while being in cryogenic sleep, Ripley's daughter has already grown up, had a life, and (SPOILERS!) died. That scene gives the Ripley/Newt relationship more weight when we see them bond during the movie. Anyway, just go see the movie if you haven't already, and try to track down the director's cut. Deets for tomorrow's show below.