Friday, November 20, 2015

Crazy4Cult 9

"Creatures of Thra"

10" x 20"

Acrylics on board

 The more I see remakes of movies, the more I miss Jim Henson. The imagination of Henson had no limit. Whether it was storytelling, film or puppetry, he was always pushing the boundaries of his art. The movie the Dark Crystal is a great example of that and the inspiration for this latest piece for tonight's Crazy4Cult show at Gallery 1988. I still remember my mom taking me to the movies to see this and it blew my mind. If you haven't yet watched the doc on Henson, do yourself a favor and check it out over on the PBS website. If you still need a Muppet fix you can also track down an amazing doc on the puppeteer behind Big Bird, called, I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rick Baker Tribute Show!

8" x 16"
"Full Moon Fever"
(Inspired by American Werewolf in London.)
Acrylics on Board

 Tonight is Hero Complex Gallery's tribute to FX legend Rick Baker. Until I put a name to the monster faces I grew up with as a kid, I never realized how many movies and how influential Rick Baker was to me. It wasn't until my high school art class where I made the connection. My art teacher, Mrs. Peters, was great at introducing us to all kinds of art. One day she brought in the Michael Jackson Thriller video which showed the behind the scenes clips of Rick working on the monster make-up. This not only put a name to the face, and the face of the monsters I grew up with, but it also made me realize that this was a REAL job that was attainable. Even though I didn't get into that field, seeing someone that draws images from their mind and makes a living at it, was HUGE. (This was also pre internet so any window into how things were made and who the artists were had an amazing impact.)

Anyway, I can talk about Rick Baker all day. Go look up his resume and educate yourself on them horror flicks. Good stuff. The show is tonight and the deets are here

For the show I chose the werewolf from American Werewolf in London. Probably because before this film, all there was, was the Lon Chaney, Jr. wolf man, as far as I remember. The werewolf and creature designs in AWIL made a big impression on me. I finally got to see the wolf himself, AND Rick Baker when I was invited to a Halloween show at his studio back in '07. You can check out the old blog entry here. There was a tour of some of Rick's monsters that night, but no photos were allowed. I found this clip recently which is basically the tour we got at the time.

It was great to meet some of the artists from the show that night too. Miles Teves, Greg Manchess, William Stout, and Jordu Schell, to name a few. Stout was a fountain of art knowledge and dropped some art tid bits about mural work. Taking the studio tour with Jordu was the best because he kept correcting the tour guide who got the artists' names wrong on some of the Men in Black creatures. You can't argue with someone who actually worked on the film.  Also, meeting Miles in person was great as he grew up one town over from me. Meeting anyone that grew up near your small town that made it out of "Shawshank", as it were, is very inspiring. YOU CAN DO EEET!

Ok. Enough blabber. If you're in town for the show, check it out. If not, brush up on your Rick Baker movies. It's Halloween month for Christ's sakes

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seinfeld Art Show

"Elaine's Elusive Red Hot Nips"
12" x 16"

Here's a new one for Gallery 1988's Seinfeld group show which opens tonight!
The image is based off of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's album Mother's Milk.
I couldn't find a photography credit on the Wiki, but it was interesting to read up on the concept of the album and what it was inspired from.

The painting has a few Seinfeld show references. The one with the Pez, George's photo shoot, Kramer wearing the pimpy technicolor dream coat, and I tried subtlety covering Elaine's nips in reference to her slip nip episode. Jerry naturally had to be in a Superman suit.

Anyway, had a blast doing this one. HUGE fan of this show and still continuously watch it to this day. If you're a fan, you might enjoy this behind the scenes clip from Curb where they did the reunion episode. It's crazy to see how they went about putting the Seinfeld apartment back together. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Monster Squad

Monster Squad Monsters

12" x 20"

Acrylics on board

Here's a new one for Creature Feature Gallery's Monster Squad group show opening tonight!
Get the deets below.
You can also check updates of pieces on on their Tumblr.

"In the Service of Monsters" Follow Up (Progress shots.)

Here are a few in progress shots for the Del Toro painting that's on display this month at Gallery 1988 for the "In the Service of Monsters" group show.

The first shot is an acrylic ink under painting. Shot 2 is an overall wash to cover all the white areas and work out lights and darks. After that, it's time to add color. That's a really short version of what goes into the early stages. Anyway, this painting as well as the whole show is up on G1988's sales page here:

Also, here's a really great video of the show from opening night, with a very special guest in attendance, The man himself, Mr. Guillermo Del Toro!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Guillermo Del Toro: In Service of Monsters

"Los Monstruos de Del Toro"
16" x 20"
Acrylics on board.

I am very excited to be a part of Gallery 1988's latest group show, curated by Chogrin & Gary Deocampo. This tribute to Guillermo Del Toro looks like it's not to be missed.

Del Toro's movies definitely have some of the most memorable monster designs. If you want more insight into his thought process I'd suggest checking out his art book/diary: Cabinet of Curiosities. For more about his film process, track down Robert Rodriguez's interview with him on his new series, The Director's chair. If you're a film nerd like myself, these director interviews by Rodriguez are amazing and feel like a film school class in all the best ways possible. RR asks the best interview questions about the process and Del Toro's interview, in a gallery with original Frazettas behind him no less, is definitely a treat. You can follow updates on the art show at the following Tumblr link.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

George Barris Tribute Show

"Munster Family Koach"
16" x 20"
Acrylics on Board

This Saturday I have a piece in the George Barris tribute show at Surf Club Gallery. Before there were crazy suped up hot rod cars like the ones in Mad Max Fury Road, there were the cars of George Barris. It seemed like every other sit com when I was growing up had a crazy custom car in it. Besides designing the now classic Batman car from the original tv show, Barris did everything from the car in the Monkees, Beverly Hill Billies, the two cars from the Munsters, and countless others. If you're a car nut or just want to see come great car designs that are out of this world, look up George Barris. He's one of a kind.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tom Hanks Tribute Show

"Zoltar the all Controlling"
12" x 16"
Gouche & Acrylics

Here's a new piece for tonight's Tom Hanks group show at Gallery 1988.
A mash-up of Big, Forest Gump and Splash. 
You can almost imagine a world where Forest Gump's kid grows up to have kids that play other Tom Hanks characters. It could even all be controlled by Zoltar.

Upon revisiting the movie Big for research, I came across a scene that was kind of interesting. Once Tom Hanks character is working at the toy company, his project he ends up pitching towards the end of the movie was supposed to be a children's, interactive, choose your own adventure, comic book. That movie came out in 1988. Whoever came up with that idea to put in the movie was way ahead of the curve. I'm now surprised we didn't have interactive comics sooner than later. As a long time comic book fan, I'm curious to see where interactive comics go in the future. Think you can help me out Zoltar?