Sunday, March 19, 2006

Long Black Veil / Pages in the Raw

Man. Not even sure if anyone's been by since I haven't posted in awhile. Thought I'd share a page in progress, just so people don't think I've been slackin'. Basically, me and some friends at work have been collaborating on mini anthology comics for the Emerald Con the past couple of years. This year we'll be pimping Atomic Lead #1.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to write a story this year, so I decided to attempt a visual translation of a Johnny Cash song called 'Long Black Veil'.

In true Cash fashion, there's a murder, as well as a lover lost to the reaper, from two sinners that keep a secret that goes to the grave.

My dad has always been a huge Cash fan. It's not as well known as other Cash songs, but as a kid, my pops would work it into his "Johnny Cash set list" when playing his guitar.

Anyway, the page on the right is a rough black and white breakdown of the final panel you see on the left. If you want to see the rest of the finished page, well, by the comic suckas!

After these pages wrap up, I'll be finishing some paintings for a gallery show I have planned for June. I'll try and post some sketches of that soon. Alright kids, that's the 411.



Shane White said...

Cool man, great idea. I tried to get ahold of you yesterday to see what you were up to...but alas no answer.


Augie Pagan said...

Yeah, man. Like I mentioned earlier, phone numbers what have no phone ID, scare me. When I don't get messages, I assume it's always money collectors calling.
Anyway, yeah, Cash is the man. That's how singers used to belt out songs-they had a story to tell. Not sure nowadays. Maybe I'm old. *grrrmble*

Edward Pun said...

Hey Augie... you should post this on Atomic Lead blog too.

The panel looks great, dude!

TKWatkins said...

One of my favorite Cash tunes, actually, from as far back as I can remember listening to him. A very sad song.

Looking forward to checking out the tribute comic story.