Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Monkey On My Back

After posting that last entry, I realized I didn't respond to all the kind folks that left comments two posts ago. Is that bad blogging etiquette? I don't know. To balance out my karma, here's a flying monkey from one of the Oz paintings. Ok. I feel better now.


Joe Kresoja said...


geenpool said...

damn bitch...that is vury nice...i'll see these tomorrow kitten...vury nice indeed.

Membloggy said...

Congrats on the Art show, Aug!! Awesome work.Inspiring isn't saying enough about it.

Newsquirt said...

WOW, seriously really TIGHT work Augie. Was great pickin up the sketchbook too! Lovely work, you really knocked it out tha park with this stuff....

What writing class were you taking? Looks like it really sparked the juices!

best regards man!

KYMadan said...

That was an AMAZING show tonight. You never cease to amaze me - your work blew me away!
Congrats brother.

chunkstyle23 said...

Dear Mr. Pagan,

I hated you before I went to the show, and now I have additional, more detailed reasons for why I hate you, which are all written on the back of a Jack-in-the-Box receipt.

Please quit or retire as soon as possible so that hacks like me have a chance in life.

Have I mentioned that I hate you?

Mr. Calonzo

PS: I'm bringing my kids to see the paintings, so that they may begin their hatred at an early age.

Jack Zhang said...

^how negative.

You think outside the Box, Augie. I like that. Even though I live in Vancouver, Canada, I still appreciate your art.

little brown said...
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little brown said...

reposting my comment.

good stuff.


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