Sunday, November 12, 2006

GEORGETOWN ART JAM (the rundown)

Alright Seattle. If you came out on Saturday night to the 9lb. Hammer for the Down and Dirty Art Jam, I think you already know how much fun it was. Whether you were participating in the art, or if you happened to come in off the street to watch the artists get down, I know you know, how super crazy that night was.

The evening was all about live art being done on the spot. Some people got down on their own art, and others collaborated on joint pieces. There was a tight list of artists that we rotated, and there were others that literally came out unannounced. I think we managed to fit in everybody. (I hope) I just now tried to count out the artists that created art last night. My list came out to 26 local artists all together. TWENTY SIX! What I was personally looking forward to was the variety or artists coming out that night, and I wasn't let down. The types of artists on the easels ranged from , comic book artists, animators, portrait artists, landscape artists, graffiti artists, cartoonists, tattoo artists and sculptors.There were a lot of neighborhood people that helped out and made that night come together. Truth to tell, we underestimated how many people would show up that night. It was standing room only at the 9lb Hammer all night long. That didn't stop people from dancing on the tables though.

The pic above is Jordan's take on Two-Face.

Here's a killer piece above from Memo Diaz.

I wish this picture came out better. These two pieces were some of the first of the evening to come out. The one on the left is from Gene. The one on the right is my partner in crime for the evening who helped in putting this together, Corrie Greening.

Here's one example of two artists tag teaming on a piece. The first one that sold before it could dry was the collab above from Shane White and Joe Kresoja. They also jammed on the below painting.

Here's the "gallery" a.k.a. the shuffle board. This will give you an idea of how big some of these paintings were. Like I said, I didn't get pics of all the art. (It was slammed folks) What you're seeing in this blog is less than half of what was created that night.

Below is a piece done by local tattoo artist Chris Gay from Artcore Studios.
Chris came in with some old poster of a policeman helping out kids, or something. Wasn't sure what he was going to do with it, but before I knew it he ripped it up, plastered on some board and went to town adding his own twisted take on it.

That was the same process for the below piece that he jammed on with local artist Chris Pfeifle.

I wish I had more pics like this one. If anyone has any cool shots they'd like to share, please email them to me. It was so crazy that night that I only got a handful of pics. The joint piece below had at least three guys on it. Memo, Shane and Bart contributed to this one.

This one above was from a local Georgetown artist by the name of John Ohannesian.

Here's a cool one from another Art Core tattoo artist, Atom.

The above piece is from Bart.

This guy came out of nowhere with his buddy and cranked out some cool stuff too. Biker did the above graffiti piece, as well as the one this guy below is holding in his left hand.

Sorry for forgetting his name, but the same guy bought another painting as well from Stumpytown's own Karin Yamagiwa Madan. Karin threw down her best chicken leg with Jawas. Now you know why this guy has that look on his face. Look at the two killer paintings he bought. The only rule for the night was that nothing was sold for over $50. You can't beat that folks.

The painting in the background above was done by these two criminals. My roomate Dave Mazak and my partner Corrie. They cranked this one out pretty quick. This was one of the pieces that was being fought over that night. Luckily nobody was hurt.

You can see a collab by Emily Leanord and Maija Fiebig in the bottom left of the above pic. It was great to see those two jam on a piece. Standing up in the middle is my DJ Tiki.

Above is a cool piece on carboard by Wade Schin. I think I saw his lady friend working on it too. It was hard keeping track of everything going on, so if I missed an artists name, sorry.

You can see some more of the madness in these pics. The art table was pretty much DESTROYED by the end of the night. People went through about 30ish (not counting what some artists brought themselves to paint on) pieces of board, and even that was cut up into smaller pieces at times. When artists weren't painting, they just drew on the art table. Once we cleaned up the table, we found some nice gems underneath the rubble and fallout.

Here's a better picture of Maija Fiebeg and Emily's piece. You can kind of see an attempt at a Hendrix painting I did in the middle there.

One of the later joint pieces at the end of the evening was the city and clouds one one in the background. Corrie and Dave again, and maybe some other artists. On the right there is Maija Fiebeg ,who kicked some ass that night I might add.

Maija was a trooper staying till the very end while she put the finishing touches on the below painting. This one really came out looking gorgeous.

The camera really doesn't do justice to the subtle washes she layed down. Maija also cranked out the painting below as well.

After everyone cleared out, people still wanted to paint. Even the easel was a victim of an art crime. I wish I knew this guy's name, but he just kind of came in at the end of the night and threw this down, and then split.

Here's a picture of Corrie at the end of the night, putting down a tee-kill-ya. That smile on her face is her bewilderment at how crazy the evening was without anyone getting killed ,maimed, or suffocated. Great work lady! You kick ass!

All in all it was a great night and the turnout was FAR BEYOND what we expected. Everyone I talked to had a blast. Everyone kicked much ass that night-the artists, the DJ's, the bartenders of the 9lb, the crowd was great, everyone was diggin on the vibe and it's more than obvious that people were into what was going on. I had an old blog post from June on here, and it was just a tiny rant at the end of the post about where my head was at the time. I didn't realize it while we were putting this together, but what was supposed to be a small night of art, turned into a huge step towards the kind of scene I think more people want to see.

Like I said, maybe I don't get out enough. Maybe I'm old and just don't hear about events like this in my town. That's fine. If the same people that came out to help and make art want to do this again, let's do it. I'm down. In a big way. Get on board. Let's see where this goes. Everyone I talked to kept asking me when the next event like this is going to be. I'm not sure yet, but believe me. It will happen again. (Right Corrie?) Not sure when yet, but it will happen. Stay tuned kids. Stay tuned...............

Monday, November 06, 2006

Down and Dirty Art Jam

This Saturday Nov. 11th, me and some local artists will be putting on an art jam down in Georgetown at the 9lb Hammer. The night will be all about live art being created on the spot by local artists. There will be drinks flowin' and vinyl spinning by Georgetown's finest. If you're not busy Saturday night and want to get out of the rain, come on out and enjoy the festivities. Hope to see ya there. 9lb Hammer 6009 Airport way 9pm-2am