Saturday, March 24, 2007

Year of the Ram

Hey everyone. Sorry about not posting in awhile. Been super busy getting ready for a couple of shows that are coming up in the next few months. The first show coming up is a group show in San Francisco. The theme: Saturday Morning cartoons. I was surprised at how many people figured out that the last post was a Muttley painting. More on that later.

One of the other shows is a two-man show out at Kustom Kulture Gallery & Tattoo back east. You can check out their blog here:
The show is May 5th. I'll update the blog with more solid info as it comes. In the meantime, here's a pic of one of the zodiac paintings. Year of the Ram, or Goat, or Chivo if you're latin.

Since I'm an art geek for the in progress stuff, I thought I'd share a pic of the painting in an early stage. I'm doing some of the paintings on wood. This one is around 17x 20 inches.

Tried to get a good close up shot for detail. This is about as good as it will get until I get this sucker scanned. Anyway, stay tuned for more pics and more info on the zodiac show. I'm doing all 12 zodiac animals, so yeah, there will be more to post. Also, stay tuned for more images and info on the Saturday Morning Cartoon show. That group show will be a day before the APE comic con down in San Fran. More on that as it comes in.


geenpool said...

holy hot hell man!! that's awesome!! you really need to teach...'specially me. hehe..

13:11 said...


=shane white= said...

'bout fucking time you showed your hand man...I've been waitin'!

Nice...real nice.
I just got my Masterson Super-Pro Sta-Wet palette but it didn't come with instructions on how to paint like that...I think I'm in trouble.


Augie said...

Wow. People are still reading this??? I'm all choked up.....*sniff*

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KYMadan said...

Oh my fucking god.
This is gorgeous.

metalpig said...

Those are frakin beautiful Augie!!

Augie said...

Glad you guys are diggin the new stuff. Don't worry......more to come.

vava said...

Wowowow!!!! Pretty cool, Augie!!! I don't know you undertand Chinese better then me!! haha!!! really love those!!!