Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chaka's Groove

Well, if you've been checking out this blog, you know about the Saturday Morning cartoon show that's going down in San Francisco.....I hope. It has come to my attention that in my last post I failed to mention the names of my fellow artists in crime that will also be in the group show as well. This was not overlooked on purpose, just a minor detail that got lost in the tumultuous (yes, I used that word. Its' appropriate this week) amount of crap that seems to be happening right around the time I'm getting ready for this show. If you didn't see the other names of the artists in the 'Saturday Mornings' flyer, their names are Karin Yamagiwa Madan, Suzanne Kaufman, and Dev Madan. They are the wind beneath my wings, and I am proud to be in a show with these mo fos. Check out their links to see some examples of their work from the show, and leave Dev a message to remind him to get off his ass and get a website/blog. He loves that.

Now, lets talk about Chaka. Who is Chaka? Who is Chaka indeed, and why did I pick him as one of the pieces to do in the show this Friday? Let's begin with Saturday morning toons. They were special when I was a kid, because they weren't on all the time like they are now, but it wasn't always just about the toons.

If you grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 70's, there was another kind of show that was on back then. The acid influenced episodes of Sid and Marty Kroft. Some of the craziest characters came out of these live action episodes. One of them being, LAND OF THE LOST. A show about three explorers. A dad, his son, and his daughter, that got trapped back in prehistoric times. LOTL was one of the cooler shows Sid and Marty Kroft came up with. Why? Because it had friggin dinosaurs in it! The creators mixed live action actors in a prehistoric setting complete with stop motion dinosaurs. Yes! Crude animation back then, by today's means, but as a 5 year old kid, it was the coolest thing on Saturday mornings. It was a quick drug fix for young children when they couldn't get their Ray Harryhausen (respect) fix of stop motion creatures.

Not only were there dinosaurs chasing our three heroes, but there were also Sleestaks. Green iguana looking dudes with big black bug eyes that carried crossbows around chasing our heroes whenever they got a chance. Last but not least there was Chaka. Chaka was basically the show's take on prehistoric caveman. Chaka, lived in a grass hut, with three older brothers that would tease the crap out of him, like most older brothers do.

Now, every episode, Chaka would get teased and pushed around by his older brothers, but he persevered. He would get chased by big ass dinosaurs and green iguana looking dudes, but he was smarter than the average cave dude and would always escape. He had more hair than the average joe, but that didn't keep him from hanging out with Holly. He had a big forehead like a big bobble headed kid, but he walked with pride. He did what Marshall, Will and Holly told him to do, but he wouldn't complain. He lived in a grass hut for christ sakes while Marshall, Will and Holly lived up in the high mountains. Think about that for awhile. He lived down in the valley on the purple lame ass part of the 'Land of the Lost Monopoly board' (someone needs to make that) while the other guys were up in their pimpy Boardwalk, high rise cave. Hmmm.

All I'm saying is, sometimes, you have to be like Chaka. Persevere man. Whatever the world throws at you. You may not be chased by a t-rex, but your landlord might be after you for that last rent check. You may be even hairier than Chaka, but don't let that keep you from trying to hook up with your own "Holly". If you have one of "those days", just be like Chaka and go to your happy place. Put your headphones on and crank that muther to eleven. Put on that one jam, that one groove, that tunes out the rest of the world.

Sorry for the long rant. If you haven't figured it out by now, it's been a long week and I'm venting. My music is cranked right now, I'm painting, and I don't care what else happens. Bring it T-Rex. I'm Chaka, so you better get some back up. -I'm out


Shane White said...

Hell yeah...rockin' like Chaka! Wow...and you know as much as I was scared of those damn sleestaks, I couldn't believe how slow they moved. What kind of threat is that?

And boy did I have serious crush on Holly...da-hamn!


Tomas said...

Chaka Rocks! Luv it. Have I ever done my druken chaka impersonation for you? If not remind me next time we're in the same local...

KYMadan said...

you really did rant on this one augie. LOVED your work for the show (no surprise there). And Shane, yeah - those sleestaks used to scare the b-jesus out of me too.