Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rocket World Rundown pt. 3

Alright, alright, last post on the Saturday Morning show, for real this time. Just wanted to get all the art on here from the show. The piece above, for those that don't remember some of those old Hanna Barbara toons, is my take on Penelope Pitstop and the Ant Hill mob. This one took a little longer than estimated. It's one of the bigger ones form the show measuring out to 20 x 24, if I'm not mistaken. You have to figure if they ever updated the cartoon, that old Penelope would be rockin' a big ol' Harley or something. Don't worry, the bike still has the same color scheme as the car, just, without those big ass lips that were on the grill.

This last piece is my take on Speedy Gonzales. Why? Well, a few years back, I remember reading about some rumblings within the Latin community that were specifically aimed at ol' Speedy and the way he badly represented Mexicans. There were also comments on how Speedy's friends were all lazy, and they thought that this was a bad portrayal of Mexicans.
At the time, I seem to recall that they even wanted ALL of the Speedy episodes taken off the air. One of the things they didn't like about Speedy was that he was also a womanizer, because he was always trying to hit on all of his friend's sisters.

Now, I'm not going to get into the whole part about how the parents should be on point with all this stuff. Talk to your kids for cryin out loud! It's just cartoons man! I never heard any French people getting all uptight because Pepe Le Pew was trying to jump every female feline that looked like a skunk. Bugs Bunny was a cross dresser, Pepe Le Pew was a horny French skunk, and Speedy had a few lazy friends. WHO DOESN'T?!?! Have lazy friends that is, or maybe your friends fit all three descriptions. I don't know. BIG DEAL.

Anyway, if the creators thought they were getting too much flack, they should have updated Speedy to look more like the cowboy/robin hood/badass that he is. That's the reason I put him in that specific pose. A pose, that only hard core Clint Eastwood fans will recognize, complete with the Clint costume. (poncho sold separately). The sign that's in the background is probably more recognizable if you're from Southern California. More specifically, near the Mexican border. I don't think the people that made the sign will ever fess up to what they meant it for, but when asked, I think they'll just say it's a caution sign for drivers to look out for pedestrians. Yeah, ok. If Speedy was around today, I think he'd be shootin' up those signs as he helped out his gente to get across the border. Andale pues!

Alright, this is turning into another rant, so I'll end it now. Stay tuned for more posts on the next show that goes down next weekend out in Neuva York. The Zodiac show! Also, the website's coming along as well, so, keep an eye out for when it goes live. And if you think there's any of these latest pieces that you'd like to see as prints, let me know. I'm working on getting a section on the new site to sell said prints, so any feedback would be great. 'Till next time.


=shane white= said...

Great stuff Augie...Really dig Penelope...even when she had the pink car.


Chris said...

The Clint/Speedy mix is wicked awesome.

Membloggy said...

its the goods, Aug! Damn, glad to see some TIGHT paintings w/ a lot of energy!The Speedy is Spaghetti-riffic! They are all gorgeous!
Keep on movin', don't stop!

Augie said...

Glad you guys dig the Sat. Morn. stuff. I need a break soon dudes. My arm is about to fall off.....speaking of that, got to get back to it. I got no time ta bleed! Can't get away from those Predator lines Mem'.