Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rocket World/APE- the Rundown

Well, last Friday was the 'Saturday Morning' opening for the art show we had down in San Francisco, at Rocket World. Here's a picture of Dev, Karin , myself, as well as the man who was kind enough to let us even have a show. The owner of Rocket World , Patrick Ma. If you live in the San Francisco area, and haven't been to his space, you really need to check it out. You can check out more Rocket World stuff here.

Dumbass that I am, I totally forgot my camera, I'm lifting these pics from friends. I hope to get more in a few days, so maybe I'll post those later. Patrick actually has some good ones on his Rocket World website if you click here.

The turnout for the show was great, lots of family and friends showed up. Even mi madre showed up. I knew she'd overcome her fear of the big city some day. I was disappointed that my dad came all that way and didn't even climb up the sides of any buildings. There's always Vegas again Jorge, don't worry. You'll get to the top of the Luxor someday.

Here's a shot of some of Karin's paintings. Looks like some already have the dreaded red dot. "Dreaded" if you were too slow to buy one, that is. You really do have to treat yourself and go to her art blog. If anything, to see the plush Hostess Twinkie dude she made and put in a coffin. Brilliant! Click here for said brilliance.

Speaking of Karin, here she is, the next day at APE , and yes, that's a Pac-Man on her head.

Anyway, the whole trip was great, saw tons of cool art in and around the city, digested the graffiti on the buildings of SF, and met lots of old and new friends that had cool art that kicked my ass. Mission accomplished.

Check back on the Augblog soon. I'll be posting pics of the rest of the pieces I had in the Rocket World show. Maybe I'll dig up some sketches of 'em too. Also check back for updates on the new website. I'll be launching that really, really soon.

Don't forget to check back on Pat's Rocket World site as well, as he will be updating it with pictures of all the pieces that were in the show. You never know, you might end up being the future owner of the plush Twinkie dude......unless it has a red dot, suckas!

I do have to leave you with this. We went to the 1988 gallery opening on Saturday night. This beautiful painting of Chuck, was one of the pieces in the show. I apologize to the artist for not remembering his name, but, damn! C'mon! How f---n cool is that? I was too overwhelmed by the power of this masterpiece to remember anything! Kudos my friend. Kudos.