Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Year of the Ox

Well, here's the latest piece I did for the "Year of the Pig" show that's going down this Saturday. Haven't heard of the Year of the Pig show yet? Shame on you. Check out the info here. If you're anywhere near or around Queens NY this Saturday night, come on by and check out the show. Me and Bill McEvoy (aka 13:11) will be hanging both our versions of the Chinese Zodiac at the Kustom Kulture Gallery. That's a total of 24 paintings! We're both flying out for the show, so it should be good times.

Anyway, I was trying to get a little looser on the Ox painting. Busted out some rattle cans for the background and then painted an Ox on top. I happened to have a good size canvas laying around for this one, and it seemed appropriate for an Ox. Oh, and by the way, yes, that's Quick Draw in the back right (Year of the Horse) underneath the calendar that has numerous deadlines that seemed to keep moving around the month of April. His expression will make more sense when you see the whole painting. An expression that best describes my state of mind lately.

Well, still have a few paintings to tighten up for the show. Heh, heh.....heh.....(sound of nervous laughter here).


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=shane white= said...

Nice stuff Augie, as usual.

Really dig the combo with the sprayed color.