Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Year of the Pig Show @ Kustom Kulture Gallery

What's Kustom Kulture Tattoo?
Why is this big inflatable guy in front of the shop?
Well, it's to celebrate the art opening for the Year of the Pig show last Saturday, on Cinco de Mayo, no less.

That's right, last Saturday, Bill Mc Evoy and myself flew out to Baldwin NY for our art opening. The Chinese Zodiac, interpreted by two artists. That's twenty four paintings! I'll tell you right now, doing those twelve paintings almost put my arm in a sling, but it was worth it.

Finally got to meet crazy man Bill and see his huge zodiac paintings in person. I'm still waiting for the story about the finger Bill. It was also a pleasure to finally meet Keith Ciaramello, the owner of the Kustom Kulture Gallery and Tattoo shop.

Here's a raw, stitched together version of the whole wall to give you and idea of all 24 paintings that are at the shop. Gives you a better idea of all the sizes too.

There was good crew out for the show, and no shortage of Chinese food on hand at any given time. Funny thing was that I was still hungry at the end of the night.

Much thanks to Keith and his wife Terry, as well as the rest of the Kustom Kulture crew for letting us have the show at the shop. These guys went all out for the show. They even went as far as to have Chinese New Year decorations in the shop, even though it was technically Cinco de Mayo, but who's keeping track?

The only thing I was trying to keep track of on the trip was how much cool stuff they got in the shop. There is no shortage of art to be taken in. Everything from tattoo books, graffiti books, pin striping books, how to books, prints, pin striping supplies, you name it. There's also tons of cool original art hanging in the shop. Everything from originals by The Pizz to original art by Dave Devries.
The other treat in the shop is all the amazing pin striping. If there's an empty, untouched spot in the store that doesn't have pin striping on it, it must have gotten over looked because everything else in the store has gotten pin striped at one point. You almost get the feeling that if you leave any personal items laying around, someones going to pin stripe it. Check out the front door for cryin' out loud.
I can't remember which pin stripers worked on the door, but Keith would know. He knows a lot about Sleestak anatomy too, just ask him.

Anyway, that's the short version of what went down. Good times over all. And just so you don't think I wasn't celebrating Cinco de Mayo the night of the show, check out, I say, check out the year of the rooster piece I did for the show. 'El Ano del Gallo' That's spanish son. That's what they speak south of the border. Mexico, not Taco Bell. That's a joke son, get it? Geez. I keep a pitchin' 'em and you keep a missin' 'em.

Alright, tune in next time for posts of the rest of show. I'll be posting the rest of the art from the show, and hopefully have a better idea of when the website will be ready to go. For more pics of the show, check out Keith's blog. Also, here's where the new website will be as soon as it launches.



Joe Kresoja said...

Freaking sweet Dude!

Shane White said...

Yeah man...sweeter than honey offa babies ass.


Unknown said...

It was awesome having you guys here. Hope to see you again soon. Great show!
Keith & Terri

13:11 said... was a human bite!