Monday, July 02, 2007

Sweden Trip

A good "friend of ours" (said in Donny Brasco accent) that moved to Sweden invited me Travis and Tom out to visit last week. Before leaving for the trip, I saw a lot of people that were asking about Mr Jay Sopp, (the Swede transplant) , and Mr Tom Witte, (who lives in NYC). I just thought I'd post some quick highlites of the trip.

For all that asked, Jay and his wife Anne are doing great out in Sweden, and it was great to see them. The first pick up top is me, Trav, Tom and Jay in front of an art store. What else are a group of artists going to do when they get together? We spent all that afternoon looking for Moleskine sketch books. Very particular ones, because artists are stubborn that way. Jay also wanted to show me some kick ass water color brushes, at this art store, but I was surprised to see that the art store also stocked pin striping brushes. Really good ones. The nice Swedish lady let us test out a few, and needless to saw, I had to pick one up.

I wasted no time when I got home testing it out by practicing on my art supply storage thingy. Luckily you can't see all the sloppiness of the line work in the pic. (don't grade me yet Keith, I'm still in training)

Here was drunky night number one. This place served Mojitos by the pitcher with crushed ice, lemon and limes and passion fruit. They tasted like mojito slurpees. Very dangerous. Especially if you're allergic to passion fruit. Guess what Travis found out that night. Yup, passion fruit is his Kryptonite.

I have to point out that I haven't seen Tom in a long time. Tom (far left) has since grown quiet the mustache since I've seen him. Very Euro Mr. Witte.

I forgot about Jay's tradition of painting big murals in every single place he's lived in, at least since I've known him. Check out the cool shout out to Hirschfeld in his living room. Hanging out at Jay's was like being in a cartoon.

The other cool thing about Sweden, besides all the openly sold porn, is Cuban cigars. Mmmmm, tastey good times.

Some people might say that Swedes don't have a sense of humor, but I would differ. On a trip to the history museum, the Swedish taxidermist put these two rabbits in a very alluring position.
Swedes are also not afraid to show there affection in public. The big sperm whale below used to open up at the mouth and let people in to a cafe in the belly, until a couple was caught fornicating. Hence the name: The Gape of Sin cafe.

Swedes also love their Metal. Slayer was in town the week we were there.

I didn't see any crazy graffiti in the city until the garage doors of the stores closed down at night.

Tom, being Tom, had to point out that the reflection in the Rock n Roll type is upside down. (Americans are so nit picky)

All in all it was a great trip. We met a bunch of cool people at Jay's work, drank tons of great Euro beer, drank tons of uber good coffee, saw lots of cool art, and got to catch up with old friends. We also found out, from our new Swedish friend Bob, that Swedes do not even have a name for umlauts (rock dots for you metal fans). They're acknowledged for the sound they give a letter, but don't really have a name. Bob is full of Swedish tid bits, as well as very knowledgeable about zombies. Anyway, that's the short rundown of the trip.

Evil egg says: Don't invite nice people into your house that want to use the bathroom. They might be vampires.

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