Saturday, August 11, 2007


Here are some shots of the piece I did for the Muppet Rawk show that went down last night. If you didn't know already, the theme was to take an album cover of your choice, and replace it with muppets. I'm a huge Grover fan, and was pretty hell bent on doing a painting of, who I think, is one of the most underrated comical geniuses of our time. I thought, cool, I'll do Grover in place of the Eddie character from Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind cover. Done.
Not quite.
When I flew out for my art show at Keith's tattoo shop over the summer, I was telling him about the Muppet Rawk show, and the idea I had for the cover I wanted to paint. Immediately Keith was like, "No man, it has to be Animal!" As he was going into more detail about it, I started to get a mental image of it right away. I couldn't argue with the guy. He was right on all points. That cover was tailor made for Animal. Sorry Grover. Your time will come.

The pencils for this were pretty loose. No need to get detailed, because the thought process was already kind of done by the original artist that did the cover. Derek Riggs. The shading and palette work is already figured out, all that needed to be done is add Animal. Easier said than done, but still fun to execute.

I know it's hard to find an 80's album cover that doesn't have chains in it, but I'm telling you right now, no more paintings with chains for a long time. I didn't realize how much detail went into the original cover until I started really picking it apart. Derek Riggs is a madman. I left out half the detail he put in. Every link in the original was totally rendered out and had a secondary reflective light source. Yeah, real good idea Keith. Thanks. Ha!

'Till next time.............

Muppet Rawk

For those that didn't make it out to the Muppet Rawk show last night, here are some pics for you to check out. Lots of people came out to Ouch My Eye gallery to check out the art, and considering that people were still there around midnight, when I left, it looked like everyone had a good time.

The guy pointing the camera in the above pic is Lawrence Ruelos, one of the art pimps responsible for putting together the show. The other art pimp that had a hand in putting the Muppet mayhem, together was Dev Madan. That's him below, um, pointing me to the bar, yeah, that's what he's doing.

What kind of show update would this be with out the obligatory, overhead, gallery shot? You can just make out the projector in the top left corner. They were showing Muppet show clips all night which added to all the madness.

Most of the art was 12"x 12". (album cover size of course) Besides myself, only one other artist did 24"x24" paintings. You can kind of make out my painting on the left wall on the end.
I didn't get good pics of all the pieces, so here are a few shots of just a hand full of the paintings.

Here's Jordan Kotzebue riffing on a G'n'R' album cover with the Electric Mayhem Band. Easily the most represented set of characters of the night.

Todd Lovering did a great piece by painting right on the actual album cover. The colors were so perfectly matched on this thing. Todd is a madman.

There were also a handful of digital pieces. Travis Kotzebue did his take of a Hendrix cover.

Dev and I were the only ones that did Iron Maiden covers. Here's his take on the self titled Iron Maiden with Bert in place of the Eddie character that's always on their album covers.

Jaime Burton did a killer AC/DC cover with the Electric Mayhem.

I was glad to see Grover represented in the show. Karin did a killer job on this Def Leppard cover, High 'n' Dry.

Keith, from Kustom Kulture Gallery in New York did a cool digital piece of Kiss's Rock and Roll Over.

Jay Z (no, not the rapper, duh) threw out some Purple Rain action. Just glad he didn't bring doves to the show for the unveiling of his painting. If that was the case, I would hope that they would be muppet doves.

Bill McEvoy did a cool Elmo vs Motorhead peice. Apologies to the artists who's names I don't know. Except for Ricky's Police cover with digital representations of his muppets.

I was talking to Joe Kresoja about his Dio cover, and I think he agrees with me. Next time, NO COVERS WITH CHAINS! Sucks to draw, and sucks to paint. You'll see what I mean when you see the Maiden cover I did.

Another digital piece done for the show was Memo Diaz doing GnR. Robert Williams did the original cover. I thought Memo was crazy for taking that on, but he came through. Hard to see form the pic, but there are little Zoot characters flying around Animals's head.

All in all, a great show. Thanks to Ouch my Eye, and everyone that came out for the show. Always good to see some new and old faces. I'll post the piece I did for the show soon. Still putting together the scanned pieces. Not easy scanning a 24"x "24 painting on a tiny scanner and then piecing it together. Check back soon for that...........


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Muppett Rawk!

I think the flyer says it all. If you've always wondered what your favorite album covers from the past would look like with your favorite childhood puppets, look no further. Come on down to Ouch my Eye Gallery this Friday.

1022 First Ave South
Seattle, WA 98127 (206) 381-8457

I've been getting some sneak peeks at the other artist's finished pieces, and I have to say, this show is going to kick much butt! If you want to see some killer art, come out this Friday and get your drink on, and your inner art geek on. You won't regret it.

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

WWW.AUGIEPAGAN is finally live!

Hey guess what? That's right, the website is finally live. No, for real. You don't believe me, click on the image above to go to the new site. You've probably seen a lot of the art on the site if you've kept up with the blog, but there's probably a lot you haven't seen before too.

I'll be updating the site when time allows. Swapping out images here and there and maybe adding a new category if need be. The major addition in the future will be getting the store up and running with posters, prints, shirts, etc. It's all new, so bear with. Still ironing out the bugs.

In the meantime, check it out and give it a good once over. I also encourage you to pass the dutchie ( on the left hand side, if you know what I mean.

After you pass the URL around, check back here soon for some updates on a local group show that's coming together next week. If you're a fan of Muppets, mullets, and loud music, you won't be disappointed.

-Stay groovy.