Friday, September 14, 2007

She Used to Wear Pigtails

Happy Birthday 'Thea.


mynaito said...

this is beautiful! i'm curious about media. what did u use? also i love the color scheme. it's my favorite! :)

Augie Pagan said...

Hey, thanks, glad you like it. I basically just scanned a pencil sketch out of my sketchbook, and then colored the whole thing in photoshop.

Memo Diaz said...

Dang, been a minute since I commented...It looks great,man. I thought of, at first, Disney's Pocahantas( HEY, Thats got greatsome stylin' looks to it,so dont get all huffy.) Really like the colors and the stylish profile...Nice mix of tools too.
Big ups to posting more frequently than all the rest.
Art Dynamo.

Augie Pagan said...

No way dude, Pochohantas was a great lookin flic. They lady in question is actually part Indian, and black. (Afro-Indian???) The brush strokes kind of came out like subliminal feathers, so, yeah, good times with photoshop.