Sunday, October 21, 2007

BNB Update

If you read the last post, that painting was for a group show at Kustom Kulture Gallery back in NYC. Tons of cool art was submitted from all over. I flew out to the show a few weeks back because I kept hearing about the pinstripers from the Burnout Network in Japan that have been coming out the past few years for Keith's show. These guys didn't disappoint. Check out these pics for a small taste.

Keith, the owner of the tattoo shop that puts on the show got a hold of this bowling pin and had three of the Burnout guys stripe a different side. Here's Lowhide's contribution above, and there he is below striping a bike.

Mr. G 's specialty, is doing tiki masks, so here's his side of the pin with a wicked G mask special.

Check out the wrench he did.

These guys were solid for two days straight. Every piece they did was as tight as the first. They would start around 10:00 am both days, and end around 3:30am. Check out Makoto, below, striping a Buddha head on a metal panel.

Here's Makoto's addition to the bowling pin. It looks strangely close to Keith's dog Dino. I think Dino's package is a little bigger, though.

I saw a pic of Makoto's work on a Lowrider, and asked him to do a similar one for me. The result of that request is the picture below.

Anyway, that's a small taste of what those guys were cranking out over the two days. There were also lots of local pin stripers, guest tattooists, and airbrush artists from all over that stopped by and made art, did demos, and did more striping. If you want to see more pics from the show, check out the Flicker account here. Still sifting through two weeks of pics, so hang tight......more to come.

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