Friday, October 12, 2007

Rabbit Redux

What up?!?! Why has the blog not been attended to? Been cranking on a few paintings for group shows recently. This latest post is for the Kustom Kulture show that just went down last weekend in Baldwin, NY. It was the painting I wanted to do for the "Year of the Rabbit", for the Zodiac show , over the summer. Just didn't have time back then to tackle it.

It was done on a 12"x24" masonite board. Some spray can action for the background above. After that, some loose acrylic brush strokes for background lights that will be added at the end.

This stage was the transfer of the art, followed by inking the character with acrylic paint.
Below is a closer shot of the rabbit girl being painted. Wish I had more pics, but it was a whirlwind of painting to get done before I had to catch the plane and head out for the show.
I'll have to post more pics of the show later on, when I have time, but there was so much cool art, my head is still exploding. Mr G, Makoto, and Lowhide, from Nash's Burnout Network in Japan, came all the way out here to pinstripe, and I'll tell you right now, those guys are amazing craftsman. Makes you feel lazy watching them work.

The Kustom Kulture show also brought out lots of local pinstripers from the area, as well as airbrush artists from all over. (Pics to come soon, promise.) Anyway, in LA now. Had a piece of art at The Hive in downtown LA and got to check out the art walk last night. My head is still spinning from all the art that's right here in downtown LA.

Tomorrow night I have a piece in a show that I'm super excited about. It's a Halloween themed show, and the coolest part is that show will be at Rick Baker's FX studio. If you're not familiar with his body of work, or who he is, you do not pass go, and you do not get $200.00. Go do your homework. Click here for the lowdown on the October Shadows show.

Anyway, wish I had time to fill you in on more details, but working on Kinko's computers is not fun. Got to run, but you'll get the full scoop next week on the Halloween show. Should be a blast.



Colleen said...

I went by the Hive at lunch today to see your piece. Very cool!

Overvision said...

Awesome running into you at the Hive Augie.
You're the coolest!

When I grow up, I want a website just like yours.


Matt Tamaru said...

Hot Damn!