Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Art Jam 3 Update

Last Saturday was the third installment of Art Jam. Local artists (and not so local) came together at the 9lb Hammer to make cool art, collab, and just have all around good times. Sorry for not getting this posted sooner, but Corrie and I forgot how much work it was putting this together. A day for set up, a day to tear down, and a day to decompress. With help from the neighborhood, and the always accommodating 9lb Hammer, the night was a total success.

The 'hood was slammed with people checking out the neighborhood art scene that night. It was Georgetown's second Saturday art walk, and I heard things were busy all over Georgetown that evening.

As for art jam, here are a few of the pics I was able to pop off during the event. Above is neighborhood Georgetown artist, Ed Matlock, paying tribute to the now defunked, Rainer Cold Storage. (RIP) The local neighborhood building was an iconic part of the 'hood, and will be missed.

Local comic book artist/illustrator Shane White was the first to get his robot piece to the sales table.

There were some new faces that attended Art Jam this time around. Local illustrator/comic artist, Brian Snoddy pulled no punches by throwing out the Dark Knight as his first piece of the evening.

Neighborhood artist John Ohannesian did some cool solo pieces as well as some collab stuff with Ed Matlock.

In town for his show at All City 2, in Pioneer Square, Luke Irwin (a.k.a. FILTH) made some time to contribute to the Art Jam. It was nice to see someone bust out with some quill action and do some straight up black and white ink work. Nice moves.

Portland favorite, Ryan Bubnis came up from Portland, once again, and threw down some tasty Bubnis characters.

Ryan and Luke ended up collabing on this big piece above that came out looking sweeeet. I heard people had to do rock, paper, scissors, to see who would be the owner of this piece.

Let's not forget the ladies. Local artist Karin Yamagiwa Madan kept her piece in theme with the holidays with one of her Stumpytown characters.

Another local female artist present was Maija Fiebig. Here's a cool two part progression of one of her first pieces. I was hoping to purchase this one myself, but someone beat me to it. (grrrrrrr) I hope it went to a good home.

Let's not get forget one other lady in attendance at Art Jam, because if she wasn't there to help me put this together, I don't know what I'd do. Corrie Greening, my right hand (wo)man. There she is above, next to Maija, starting her first piece of the night. Corr knows how to throw down the chunky paint.

If you haven't been to an art jam, this is what basically goes down. Artists make live art on the spot, and we sell the art that night. The artists price their pieces how they want, but nothing is over $50 bucks. Basically, you're getting a good deal on some great art you saw being made that night, and the artists get to pay their bar tab. Art Jam takes a small fee, but that's just to pay for our supplies, cuz them artist supplies aint cheap my friends.

Here's John doing another collab with Corrie.

New to Seattle and Art Jam, was Keith Carter. He threw down a great piece for his first time.

Local Georgetown artist Steve Wright came out strong with some cool pieces that night too.

Here's a sci-fi collab between Shane White and local artist Lawrence Ruelos.

Lawrence also threw up this cool piece below in between taking photos.

This was another great collab between Karin and Lawrence. Stumpy meets the LAW.

Well, third time's the charm, they say, and this was no exception. Thanks to everyone that came out for all their support. Also, thanks again to the 9lb, for letting us put this on. I hope everyone that came out had a good time, and picked up some cool art.

These photos don't give you a sense of all the art that was created that night. There must have been over 30 pieces that were made that evening. I didn't get good pics of everything. If you didn't catch the link above, Lawrence has some pics from that night on his flicker account. I'll be updating the blog latter this week with links to more photos, so stay tuned! Thanks again, and see you all at the next Art Jam.



Boo said...

I salute you, Augie and Corrie! Way to mastermind such a balls-bouncingly good time.

=shane white= said...

Yeah, man. Great time as always...still wished I could have knocked a couple solo pieces out.

Next time...ooooh for sure.


Anonymous said...

Shane White should send a royalty check to Ashley Wood for that blatant rip of style and content youch!