Monday, March 10, 2008

SURF BEAT show/Finkster Wave Race

Awhile back, I was asked to contribute a painting for a huge group show that's going on this weekend in Costa Mesa, Ca. The gallery is showcasing over 70 artists in the show! For a list of more of the artists and the lowdown on the show, go check out the gallery's website here.

I couldn't resist the chance to paint a Big Daddy Roth type monster, because, when else are you going to get the chance, right? My friend said the wave in the background reminded them of Hokusai's famous print of the Great Wave. Well........yeah?! If you paint a fantasy picture of a chick with a sword, you better look at some Frazzeta paintings. If you're in the market to paint some stylized looking waves, then, you might want to check out that famous print of the wave.

Here's a close up for you brush stroke geeks, myself included. All done with Golden acrylics on a piece of wood I yoinked from my friend's wood shop. (thanks Steve O!) The painting measures in around 11 3/4" x 17 3/4".

Anyway, I got really homesick painting the picture. Growing up 40 minutes from the beach had it's perks. There was always somewhere to go of you wanted to cut class. Nothing wrong with drinking a few beers on the beach when the cops weren't patrolling. (By the way, a Pringles tube can hide two cans of beer quite comfortably, in case you didn't know.)

Anyway, if you happen to be in So. Cal. next week, you should check out the show. If I didn't have deadlines, I'd be down there to meet the artists and see all the art in person. Looks to be a really cool show.

March 15th
440 e.17th st
costa mesa 92627

By the way, if you live in Seattle and can get your hands on the local paper called, The Sinner, this week's installment did an article about me and my art. Thanks again Chuck!


Brian Meredith said...

That piece is so cool, Augie!

Augie said...

Thanks Brian. Glad you dig it.

Audra said...

Wow desu o.o I can't draw monstas... If I was in Seattle longer I'd totally check dis stuff out D:

Hi I'm Audra and I met a little girl named Mia! The reason this led me to your blog is because her daddy person gave me your card so here I am checkin' out cho stuff. Tis quite neat <3 Mia and I are freinds because of Totoro and Cat Bus. Pleased to make your aquaintence!! You are a truely amazing artist.

SMOOTH.POPPA said... much I've never heard of...almost like we don't even live in this town....OOOOPS...soon to be true. Bet we'll hear about just as much then. Your just TOOOOO busy all the time....especially over the last 4 years. (T's Book?)

Alina Chau said...


Augie said...

Thanks for the comments:

Audra- Glad you got to meet Mia. I guess the Totoro dvd's I got her for her birthday paid off.

Smooth- You have more original Aug art than my family does. Stop whining ;)

Alina- Thanks for the comment. I wish I posted art as often as you did.