Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Hive show -Los Angeles

Well, finally got a chance to post some of the pics from the Hive show that went down on the 7th. I'm still trying to get some better shots of the actual show. I didn't have much time to take any pics. The turn out for the show was great. Nathan Cartwright, the owner of the Hive Gallery, put on a killer opening night for his June show. Tons of people came out to see all the artists that were contributing art that night.

I have to also take the time to thank all my Seattle and LA friends and family for coming out for the show. Thanks a ton for the support. That totally made the night for me. I have to give a special thanks though, to my mom and her sister for flying down from the Bay Area just to check out the show. They were total troopers and even managed to stay out with us until last call. Now you know where I get my drinking habits from. No, not my mom, but my aunt. She's the trouble maker, and she knows it.

Here are some of the newer pieces that were done for the show. You can get a better shot of how the painting below came out framed, in the above pic.

La Senora con Los Tiny Zoots
Acrylics on wood- 12"x15"

El Tiny Zoot
Acrylics on wood 10"x10"

Red Suit, Tiny Zoot
Acrylics on wood 10"x10"

Tiny Zoot, Gangster Lean
Acrylics on wood 10"x10"

Ultra Ultra
Acrylics on masonite 10"x20"

Soul Shack 3000
Acrylics on canvas 15"x30"

Cloud City DJ
Acrylics on masonite 16"x16"

The show will be up for the rest of the month, and there is also a closing show the last Saturday of June. For any purchase inquires, please contact Nathan Cartwright directly at the Hive Gallery during the following hours.
Wed-Sat: 1:00-6:00pm
ph: 213-955-9051

Here are links to some of the other pieces that are for sale in the show.

The De-Evolution of Toons at 12 Frames Per Second.
Year of the OX
Original Sin
Pinstripe Girl

Some people were asking me about the laser cut Scarecrow deck from a few months ago. I had another one made up for this show. This one has metal inlayed in the font. Pretty cool.

There are also giclee prints and one framed print of the Year of the Dragon.

There are also prints of the Tiny Zoots available too.

Anyway, that's all for now locos. 'Till next post, stay frosty.