Monday, November 10, 2008

Brushes Needles and Burnouts show

Ok, so I still have to catch up on some art shows that went down last month. A week after the Kruger workshop in Germany was the Kustom Kulture Gallery "Brushes Needles and Burnouts" show. It's the shop's annual two day blow out show that has artists of all backgrounds (tattoo artists, pin stripers, air brush artists, illustrators, graffiti artists) come out from near and far to exhibit art and make pretty pictures.

I was asked to do some painting at the show and figured that a Rancor riding a Land Speeder would be something that could fill up the day(s). (...and yes, that is a Death Star shift knob.)

I was also very fortunate to be painting next to the very talented Mr. Dave DeVries. It was very cool to watch the man work and check out his process. While I slaved away on the Rancor, Dave whipped out three paintings the first day.

The man is super talented and gracious as hell. If you get a chance, check out his website here.
Also, if you happen to be out near Baldwin NY next month, you might want to look into his painting class that he'll be doing at the Kustom Kulture Tattoo shop.

In between running the show, Kustom Kulture owner, Keith Ciaramello would sit down and do some painting. You can see way more pics of the show and the art in the show on his shop's Flickr account.

I had to use some of their photos on here (thanks guys) because I don't think I got too many good ones. I was on Rancor duty most of the time and only got a hand full, so I missed the good shots like the guy above. Dudes like that just make you want to think out of the box a little more. Just make sure small children aren't around when you do.

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Anonymous said...

Your rancor looks fantastic. Great colors and pose. Nice.