Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art Jam IV Aftermath

Last Saturday night at Georgetown's 9lb Hammer, we put on the 4th Art Jam. Basically, artists from near and far came out to create live art, drink, catch up, drink, and make more art. All the art then gets sold off that night at the bar. First come, first served. Profits from art sales go back to the artists so they can pay their bar tabs, and Art Jam gets some too, so that we can replenish the supplies and have more nights like this one.

This time around, my partner in crime, Corrie Greening had the genius idea of asking artists to bring in old unwanted or unfinished art for other artists to paint on. Corrie mentioned that she had a painting she would contribute, which was the inception for the idea. I expected something on the smaller side, but the above painting of her mom was what she brought. Below, is the outcome of that painting.

Local artist John Ohannesian was the first to take on Corrie's painting.

Georgetown tattoo artist Joby, from Artcore studios, put his spin on the piece.

Another Artcore tattoo artist, Christopher Gay, also contributed. Bob Ross, also rose from the grave and filled in the word balloon. More on that in a bit.

Another piece of art that was sacrificed to Art Jam artists was a landscape that John Ohannesian did above. Local comic artist Shane White went to town on this and came up with his monster vs robot battle scene.
Now, we have to take a minute to thank painter Bob Ross (aka Christopher Pfeifle) for coming back from the grave so that he could grace our presence for one last gorgeous landscape.

Chris Pfeifle, um, I mean, Bob Ross, was definitely the crowd favorite that night. Not only did he look like a dead ringer for Bob Ross, but Chris stayed in character even as he painted his happy little trees. Armed with his fan brushes and palette knife, Bob Ross cranked out a gorgeous mountain landscape as only he can. I still giggle when I look at the pics.

Here's an early pic of Portland artist Ryan Bubnis on the left, getting his art groove on. Next to him is Keith Carter starting his skull painting.

Here, we got Memo Diaz in the above pic, busting out a very funky piece.

Here, we got Luke Erwin (aka FILTH) ,up from Portland, rocking his pen and ink style. Next to him on the right, was another "up for grabs" painting that Chris Gay from Artcore attacked with his collage technique.

Another Seattle artist, Maija Fiebig came out to add her touch to the night.

Here's a three way jam with more local artists, Karin Yamagiwa Madan, Lawrence Ruelos, and Suzanne Kaufman.

Georgetown artists Ed Matlock and Steve Wright jammed on this burly piece.
Wade Schin came out again with his funky art style. If you're diggin that piece in the above pic, check out his book for more Wadestyle art insanity.

Here's Lawrence Ruelos starting his piece. Lawrence is one of the artist that will be putting on next months Muppet Rawk show (plug,plug).

We finally got Travis Kotzebue up on the boards doing a collab piece with Shane White.

It was nice to see local artist Angel179 in the house for the first time. Here's the first of two pieces she did that night.

It was also great to see another artist up on the boards for the first time at Art Jam. Here's local artist Robert "Farmer Bob" Hardgrave throwing down his art style in this three pic progression.

Below, is another good example of a contributed piece from Ed Matlock. His vertical painting of a brain hovering over a Commadore 64 keyboard was tag teamed by Corrie and local artist/DJ, Dave Mazak. I hear the Rainer can helps level the painting while you work.

Anyway, that's a quick overview of the Saturday night shenanigans. I can't thank everyone enough for helping out before, during and after. There will definitely be another post with more pics. It was hard to document everything on my crappy camera while helping coordinate. I know I missed pics of pieces when I was up there painting, and also when I sliced my thumb (dumbass=me). I hope everyone that came out had a good time. Stay tuned for more pics folks!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Before I get into the next Art Jam rundown, I'd just like to thank all the people that stopped by to say hi to Memo and me at Emerald Con. It was a great show and it was awesome to see old and new faces and dork out on art and comics for a bit. Can't wait for the next one.

Now. Back to business. Yes, it's time for the fourth Art Jam down in good ol' Georgetown. It's the recycle, reuse, rehash show. This Saturday, local artists from near and far will come together to create live art that will then be sold that night at the bar. First come, first served. This time around, we will be encouraging artists to bring old unwanted, and unloved art that's just sitting around and collecting dust. These unpolished pearls will be victims for other artists to add to and turn into something completely different. To quote Corrie,"Artists are encouraged to bring in their old, unwanted, unfinished, unsold, or just plain ugly artwork that's just sitting around
and other artists will make them their bitch!"

There will be the usual band of artists creating new art, and as usual, the jams will be pumping all night long. Also, for those of you that haven't been to the the 9lb Hammer in awhile, it's been supersized! That means more room for art, and more room for drinkers. If you're unfamiliar with Art Jam, check out some of the old shows here, here, and here. Anyway, that's the scoop. Hope to see you there.


Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 8PM - 2AM

9lb Hammer
6009 Airport Way South
Seattle, WA

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gallery 1988's 5 Year Anniversary Show/ "Idiot Box"

What? Two posts in one day? No, you're not at the wrong blog. Seems to be a few anniversary shows going on, and Gallery 1988 is pulling out all the stops again with their Idiot Box show. 100 artists doing their take on tv shows.

Many tv shows came to mind when it was time to put paint to canvas, but Sanford and Son holds a special place in my heart. It was one of those shows that I would watch with my dad and share in the comedic talents of Redd Foxx. I don't even have to mention that this show, hands down, has the best theme song, ever. (Thank you Quincy Jones.) Also, for those that know my dad, and have heard me tell the stories, it is widely known that his personal collectoin of junk/treasure easily rivaled Fred Sandfords. No joke. I can fill a whole blog post with all the crap, err, stuff that he used to have. (What did happen to that old ice cream truck?) I digress.........

Anway, the composition in the painting is a riff off of that famous photo of Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston. I guess I just always wanted to see Fred Sanford take out his rival, Aunt Ester. I had to include some of the cast in the background. The above sketches are studies of Fred's son Lamont, his neighbor Julio, his buddy Ralo, and of course, Grady.

I just came across a link that has all the art in the show. Some really amazing pieces. These shows just keep getting better and better. Check out the art here. The show runs for the month of April and the opening reception is tonight at 7:00.

"Five Across the Lips"
Acrylics on canvas

The Hive's 4 Year Anniversary Show

Time to catch up on some group shows. This piece was done for the Hive Gallery in LA. It's a huge 4 year anniversary show.

For the group show, they asked the artists to come up with characters for a fictitious world that's broken up into different lands. I came across a 15th century symbol called a restoration cross, or a pierced cross 3032a. It's identical to a symbol used for a Mayan fire god. Kind of made sense to incorporate it in there somehow. Since those Mayans seem to know all about the end of the world, maybe we can expect some of their fire gods to come our way in 2012.

"El Demonio del Fuego"
Acrylics and spray cans on masonite.

Anyway, the show is April 4th 8-12:30AM and runs until the 26th. You can check out more details for the show here.