Monday, April 13, 2009


Before I get into the next Art Jam rundown, I'd just like to thank all the people that stopped by to say hi to Memo and me at Emerald Con. It was a great show and it was awesome to see old and new faces and dork out on art and comics for a bit. Can't wait for the next one.

Now. Back to business. Yes, it's time for the fourth Art Jam down in good ol' Georgetown. It's the recycle, reuse, rehash show. This Saturday, local artists from near and far will come together to create live art that will then be sold that night at the bar. First come, first served. This time around, we will be encouraging artists to bring old unwanted, and unloved art that's just sitting around and collecting dust. These unpolished pearls will be victims for other artists to add to and turn into something completely different. To quote Corrie,"Artists are encouraged to bring in their old, unwanted, unfinished, unsold, or just plain ugly artwork that's just sitting around
and other artists will make them their bitch!"

There will be the usual band of artists creating new art, and as usual, the jams will be pumping all night long. Also, for those of you that haven't been to the the 9lb Hammer in awhile, it's been supersized! That means more room for art, and more room for drinkers. If you're unfamiliar with Art Jam, check out some of the old shows here, here, and here. Anyway, that's the scoop. Hope to see you there.


Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 8PM - 2AM

9lb Hammer
6009 Airport Way South
Seattle, WA

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Glen Barbosa de Carvalho Batoca said...

Congratulations for your work!Very nice!