Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Muppet Rawk 2

A few weeks ago, Ouch My Eye in Seattle, hosted the opening night for the 2nd Muppet Rawk show. From the obligatory crowd shot above, you can get a sense of the crowd that was coming in and out all through the night. Muppet fans from all over came out and saw their favorite Muppets combined with some classic album covers.

First off, I have to apologize for some of the blurry pics. My camera chose that week to break, so I had to use my buddie's camera (thanks Dave!). Here are the pics that actually came out. Above is Aaron Jasinki's take on the famous Nirvana cover, Nevermind.

Memo Diaz
does Statler and Waldorf vs the Crue's Theatre of pain.

Marsha Walinger does Blizzard of Fozz.

Jordan Kotzebue's take on the Clash.

James Ma's Electric Mayhem vs Queen.

Rob McDaniel's 3d entry of Bert vs Quiet Riot

Marc Palm did this awesome take on R. Crumb's Cheap Thrills cover. Make sure you check out his Flickr account for some of his pencil sketches of his Muppet rawk piece.

As you can see, the show was a blast. Still not sure what artists did what and who does and doesn't have websites. Ouch My Eye Gallery should have a complete list of artists and art up their site soon. If you want to see some shots of the rest of the Muppet Rawk2 pieces that were in the show, check out our friend Lara's Flickr account. Thanks much Lara!

I'll post some pics in the next day or two of the piece I did for the show. Managed to get a few in progress shots before my camera decided not to work. Anyway, enjoy.

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