Friday, October 30, 2009

Fab Four Study

I was sketching The Beatles last night while watching the new Monty Python documentary that just came out. While doing the sketch, a funny bit about the Beatles came up in the doc. Turns out they were huge Python fans. So much, that when the Pythons were trying to raise money for Life of Brian, George Harrison stepped up and said he was in for 5mill. When they asked him why he would take such a big risk, he merely answered, "I want to see the movie." Eric Idle said it had to be the most expensive movie ticket in history.


Unknown said...

Haha...very cool, man.

Is it a good documentary?


Augie Pagan said...

Yeah, man. They go way back to their college days. What I liked was watching how Gilliam, the only American, came into the group. You get to see how he went from artist, to animator/Python, to a first time movie director.