Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leo Study

Last week seemed to drag out with work. One frustrating thing about freelance is waiting for art to get approved. Sometimes it happens within a few hours from a client. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes it takes two days, etc. The only problem with that, is that your deadline stays the same. Almost a "two steps forward, one step back" scenario, because it's still up to you to get out your work under the deadline no matter how long it takes your art to get approved.

In between waiting on approvals last week, I was noodling around with this old sketch from an old painting I never finished. Back in 2007 I did a Chinese Zodiac show with Bill McEvoy out at Kustom Culture Gallery. After that show, I wanted to do a new series of western astrological (astronomical?) zodiac pieces.

This unfinished painting above started out the series, but I never got around to the others. Sorry for the crappy pic. Didn't want to waste time scanning an unfinished piece. I think you can still make out the lion in the bottom right. I colored her blue in photoshop. Thought I'd try a different color scheme while I worked out light source issues. I think as the rain sets in this winter it'll be prime weather for locking one self in the studio to finish those half done paintings.

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