Monday, October 12, 2009

Wine Labels

I think I need to set something straight in this post. You can read my original first paragraph in the comments section, as well as the comment about said paragraph from Mr/Mrs Anonymous. You can also read my reply in the comments section. I feel I need to reiterate my point though. I normally use this blog to write about art shows and personal work. I get asked a lot by people that want to know, what other kind of work do you do? I thought I might use this post to show the diversity, but I think my description of that came off the wrong way for Mr/Mrs Anonymous. I guess that happens when you don't get out too much and socialize. You use the wrong verbage. What I was trying to get across was that I get the opportunity to work on a lot of different and unique jobs that I love contributing to. All I meant from "random", is that I never know what the next job is going to be. That is the best part of the job to me. The randomness of not knowing. Always something different. That's why I chose this job. I don't take my jobs for granted and never have. I'm sorry I gave you the wrong impression Anonymous. Also, if you don't think I put any heart into my work, I don't know what to tell you, Anonymous. Maybe you're looking at another blog, because I bust my ass for every job and love it.

Like I said, before, I took the original paragraph and put it into the comments, if you want to know what this is all about. In other words I want people to know what this rant is about. I don't want to leave anything out, kind of like the way you left your name out, Anonymous.

In closing I just want to reiterate, I had a blast doing this job, as well as working with the advertising company, CKA, to do these wine labels. Reading the opening paragraph again, I guess I can kind of see why you might have thought what you did. Especially if you don't personally kow me. Maybe I just shouldn't post stuff like this anymore. I thought I should open up and add some more random, excuse me, different posts about my work here, but maybe not now. Maybe I should just shut up and not say anything on here if the only comments are going to be negative by anonymous people. Thoughts anyone???????

Here are some more images I did for the same ad agency that was working with the wine people. These were for another local wine company called Aviator wine. They were really hip on having a Vargas-esque type girl for one bottle. The type you might see on old airplane noses.
Here's another example of some more art for some different bottles. I'm not sure which airplane they ended up using below. The black and white planes were done that way so that they could do some kind of fancy embossing for that label.
I still haven't come across the other wine bottles. I bought the Fruit Bomb wine but haven't tried it yet. Still taking my time getting through Dan Aykroyd's new Crystal Head Vodka. By the way, yes, it is signed by Elwood Blues himself. He was in town promoting his vodka a few weeks back. You too will experience the "invisible world" after you get through a whole bottle in one sitting. Good stuff.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the checking out some of the other kind of art I get to do from time to time. I'll have to dig up some more stuff like that to put up on here. Maybe I can actually start getting more than one post a month again. Later on my fellow alcoholics!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pagan,
Excuse us for thinking that working on wine labels is more than just random work someone would get to pay the rent. Would think that as an artist, would put more heart into any project irregardless of its size or importance.

Augie Pagan said...

Dear anonymous,

Sorry you took my statement of "random" the wrong way. I didn't mean to be-little the work or the job. I loved doing that wine job, and any job, no matter what the size or scope. What I meant by "random" was this: I have recently been asked by friends and strangers, "What kind of work do you do?" I get a lot of random jobs from month to month that are very diverse. I guess instead of "random" I should have used the word "diverse" Sorry I gave you the wrong idea. I also put as much "heart" into my work as I can. You don't work 12 hours a day 7 days a week unless you care about what you're doing. Other wise, you might as well get another 9-5 job. This particular job, did NOT pay all of my rent, it was a small part of it, and I put just as much energy into all the jobs I do as I did this one. Sorry for the confusion "anonymous". I hope that clears things up.

Augie Pagan said...

For those that care, here is the original paragraph I started the blog off with.


I randomly came across this bottle of Fruit Bomb wine at the store awhile back. This is one of the wine labels I illustrated last year. It just reminded me that there were a handful of jobs I did last year that I haven't posted on here. Sometimes I can't post the art immediately after the job is done for various reasons. A lot of times you have to wait for the product to hit the stores before you can show the art. In addition to all the cool gallery shows I've been fortunate enough to be in recently, those unfortunately don't pay the bills.....yet. This post is an example of the kind of random work I get from time to time that pays the rent. Anyway, I didn't design the label or type or anything, just did the cherry bomb.

Joe Kresoja said...

Augie you said nothing in your post that was belittling anything. Little Anonymous here has issues and used your post as a trigger to unleash their own internal crud about putting heart in "things". That aside awesome stuff as usual man. I want to try that wine now. =)

dani said...

Hey Augie, I think you're totally in the clear on this one. Whoever Anonymous is, I think the comment says a lot more about them than it does about you. Anyone who follows your blog or knows you or your work knows how you feel about your work, and that you wouldn't participate in anything you didn't really want to be part of.

I was giving it a critical read, and I can't see anything demeaning in your description. Please don't leave us all out of your insights because of one person.

KYMadan said...

I agree with Joe. I'm confused as to why this person took offense - they must be dealing with some personal issues (and cowardly for commenting 'anonymously').

It was upsetting for me to read "maybe I just shouldn't post stuff like this anymore" DAMMIT! HELL NO. This is YOUR blog, your work, your voice and you shouldn't ever feel like you need to censor yourself. Keep posting Augie... 'anonymous' isn't worth your time...

Augie Pagan said...

Joe, Dani, Karin,

Thanks for taking the time to read the rant. Also, much thanks for the feedback. When you're behind the art table for hours on end and come up for air to hear that kind of negative feedback, it just made me second guess things. Nice to hear from close friends that my head is still on straight.

I don't mind a critique about my art. I encourage dialogue about anything people want to say about my art style and technique. I wish there was more of it on here, positive or negative.
HOWEVER, if you want to start making assumptions about my work ethic when you don't even know me......get a life. I'll leave you with the best quote I've heard all year.

"Acknowledging a different reality does not require an apology."

Anonymous said...

How stupid of an argument did this turn out to be? Everybody's right. Augie, your blog sounds a little arrogant and it did sound like you were be-littling the work and threw in a backdoor compliment. Your friends were also right in supporting you by saying the right things to you. That's why they're friends. You pulled a Jekyll and Hyde at the end. If you really felt the way you did, you should have said so in the first place instead of waiting for your friends to weigh in. You almost won me over dude, but that last post and your quote killed it. It made everything you posted before seem insincere. This is so juvenile. Maybe you should censor your postings before they go out. If you're posting for people besides your friends that will read them, then know your audience and write for everybody, not just people who know you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Augie Pagan said...

Sorry you feel that way Steve. Stupid argument? No. Interesting discussion, yes. What can I say? you caught me on a vulnerable day. I'll keep your comments in mind next time I'm writing. Can't please everyone. Thanks for weighing in and keeping things interesting.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome. Next time you apologize, leave it. You slammed Mr./Mrs. Anonymous after you apologized for what you wrote and that's not cool. Pick a side and stick to it. Just some advice, your work is mediocre at best but you post and blog like a celebrity artist when you're a small fish. In your blog you're saying that you're going to swim in the shark filled waters of freelance. You should be ready to swim in the shark filled waters of crticism too. Don't get defensive when people present you with their opinions. Especially when you put your work out there on a blog. Are you looking only for warm fuzzies? Dude, how are you going to grow? Of course, friends will say nice things. You should also take advice from people who challenge you in your life and art.
As for your wine label postings, don't hide behind your friends to back you up on what you said and then feel brave becuase of the safety I numbers and turn around and finally voice what you were really feeling. You look like a coward.

Anonymous said...

Steve's a doodiehead.

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous was not being "critical", they were just plain being rude. They obviously just misinterpreted your use of the word "random", and then ASSUMED that you don't "put your heart in to your work". (Sorry, but how the hell would they attempt to make that assumption with any merit- it's just ridiculously absurd.)

Steve: there wasn't any criticism here. You just showed yourself to be a "hater" and should know that art, like music, is SUBJECTIVE. And Augie just blogs because there ARE people that are interested in his work, and his life. For you to go off like that just shows that YOU have some serious issues, dude. Hey, you might wanna try painting- it's great therapy! :-)


Anonymous said...

Marla:I AM an artist and was quite offended by your friend Augie's post.How nice of you to stick up for your friend,good for you. Since this is stupid as I stated before, say what you will. I've said all I needed to.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Augie Pagan said...

Sorry this all got out of hand, Steve. Hey, no hard feelings, though. I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from commenting whether it's positive or negative feedback. I think we both learned something here, Steve. How to "not" overreact......and that's one to grow on. Peace and love, peace and love.

sac48738 said...


I find this statement of yours odd-
"Just some advice, your work is mediocre at best but you post and blog like a celebrity artist when you're a small fish"

That isn't advice, that is just unsolicited criticism, which is fine, but putting it under the guise of advise seems kind petty. Additionally, your post was a response to the use of the term "random" which has nothing to do with the quality of this artists work at all, but of semantics. So in suddenly turning it to a criticism of his art, you lose the focus you had in your original response(or even the first part of your second post), which also makes you lose all credibility. Follow your own advise.

And furthermore Steve, this is a blog, which is a personal site, probably set up to keep in communication with friends, family, artists interested in the processes he goes through to produce a piece and make a living, etc... Augie has a completely separate professional site set up in order to directly advertise/promote himself. There is a different standard of the tone that he should use on that site... but here he can be as professional, or not, as he chooses, as there is no particular agenda in a blog. That you would hold him to any particular standard is just absurd.

And finally, back to the main quote of yours- "mediocre at best"? I mean come on. You might not think he will go down in the annals of history as the greatest artist of all time, but only a handful have/will. I come to this site to see what quirky interesting 80s influenced art that he working on next. I'd call myself a "mediocre at best" guitar player, but I can't make a living doing that. He is a schooled, practiced and skilled WORKING artist with a particular style that has intentionally chosen, not a one trick pony. I think your definition of mediocre is way off.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... The Internet. Lol!!!
Blow this off Augie. Big waste of time. I love you man. Don't explain or apologize. Go ahead and be provocative. You're an artist. Save your apologies for people who are actually in your flesh and blood life. Steve-Shmeeve...
Keith Ciaramello
I agree. You are mediocre. Hahaha!!! Slee-nius.

memodiazart said...

Now thats what I call a whine list....!
Hot fire on the blog, Aug.
And after all that, you say, "What a lovely tea party."