Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flatcolor show in Seattle

Seattle's been getting some amazing weather lately, for this time of year. Instead of going outside and enjoying it, I've been cooked up in the art dungeon, I mean, studio, working on some new pieces for an upcoming Seattle show. For first Thursday, I'll be sharing some wall space at Flatcolor Gallery with the amazing Dave Macdowell. If you haven't seen his work before, take some time and check out his website.

Here's some rough pencils of the painting from the flyer. The background image is based on the same image you'd find in the traditional Mexican loteria game. Something my mom and aunts would pull out every now and then and try to get us to play as kids. It never lasted too long since it was always hard to compete with Star Wars toys and the Atari 2600.

Anyway, I'll try and post more images as the show gets closer. On another note, here are a few links to some cool process related art videos and images I recently came across. One that I highly recommend is the new Sebastian Kruger iphone app that has 31 images from beginning to end of his Michael Jackson portrait from last year's workshop. Totally worth $2.99.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Seattle Thought Processor Tour

Did some new art for an upcoming Seattle group show this Friday night. Urban Light Studios, in Greenwood, is hosting the latest Thought Processor show. Basically, all the artists were given a blank template and asked do a design for their cutouts. In addition to that, all the artists did some art to accompany the cutout. You can see some of the other cutouts from the Seattle show here. Check out some of the other sets on that Flickr page to see past shows in other cities.

Title:" 2012 or Bust"
Size: 10" x10"
Medium: Acrylics on Wood

Check out Phoneticontrol's page, the guy that designed the blank cutaways. At some point they'll have all the cutaways for you to download, if you want. I'll throw that up here when I get the link.

Anyway ,if you're out in Greenwood this Friday night, check out the show. Get all the details below. See you there!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Heart Attack Show

Title: "Still Standing"
Size: 8" x 10"
Medium: Pencils and acrylics on cardboard.

Did this piece for a group show tonight at the 619 studios in Pioneer Square. Tonight is the First Thursday Art Walk, so there should be lots to see. If you're downtown anytime after 6:00pm, swing by and check out the festivities.