Monday, May 24, 2010

Demon Seed Update- part 1

Thanks to everyone that came out to last Friday night's Demon Seeds show. It was great to see some old and new faces, and catch up with everyone. Sorry if I didn't seem like I was all there, but pulling an all nighter will do that. It was an intense week getting everything ready for the show, but totally worth it. Also, a big thanks to all the Upper Playground crew for making everything go smooth that night.
Speaking of pulling an all nighter, I was so out of it, I never bothered to take any pics. I did manage to get one phone shot taken though. As I was leaving to call it a night, there was one last person that came out for the show. Local Seattle artist Moritat came through to check things out. By the end of the night, the caffeine was finally kicking in, so we popped off a few shots.

Anyway, as soon as I stitch all the scans of the art together and gather some pics from some other sources, I'll post 'em so you can see the rest of the art in the show. Until then, you can check out a podcast I sat in on awhile back. Jared Britt and Christopher Pfeifle, local Seattle artists and musicians in their own right, have started doing a podcast interviewing various local artists. If you want to hear what an artist running on no sleep sounds like while he's being interviewed, check it out the 6th episode here.

As far as the podcast goes, there is some colorful language thrown about, so, heads up. Other than that the topics jump all over the place, from art, to comics, to pure randomness. Hear how a body gets from a crime scene to the morgue, why Superman needs to learn the rope-a-dope, and how NOT to pierce your own ear.

Anyway, that's all for now. More to come soon......

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