Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Demon Seed Update-part2

Minus two of the smaller pieces and the big one from the last post, here are the rest of the pieces from the Demon Seeds show.

GOD IS SCIENCE?-Acrylics on illustration board/18"x25"

BREAKFAST at MEDUSA'S-Acrylics on illustration board/18"x25"

DEMON SEED 2-Acrylics on wood/9"x12"

DEMON SEED 1-Acrylics on wood/9"x12"

FRANKENDEISEL-Acrylics on wood/10"x20"

THREE PRONGED DRAC - Acrylics on Canvas/22"x28"

UNEXPECTED VIGIL - Acrylics on Canvas/22"x28"

SPANGLISH FLY - Acrylics on Wood/8"x 8"

Anyway, I'll get some photos of the last few, soon.
If you have any purchase inquiries, contact the Seattle Upper Playground.


=shane white= said...

Breakfast at Medusa's was easily my favorite. Definitely a new and subtle direction that harkened back to the old 60s novel covers.

Still a great show, Augie.


Augie Pagan said...

Thanks man. Had a blast doing this latest show. Still, never enough time to do everything I wanted to do, but oh well. Will use those ideas for future shows. Thanks again for coming out for the show.