Sunday, May 30, 2010

Demon Seed Update-part3

Here are the last of the pieces for the Demon Seeds show. This four foot by three foot piece was too big to scan, so the pics below will have to do for now.

CREATURE CAR - Acrylics on wood/ 4'x3'

Nazi Demon in London - Acrylics on Wood/ 12"x12"

AMMO DEMON - Acrylics and Spray Cans on Ammunition Case.

For those keeping score, all twelve of these new pieces were done after the Flat Color show between March, April and May. The skate deck piece you see in the background was the only piece from last year that I threw in. It was from the Custom Skully show back in '09, but I think it fits in nicely since it already has the monster theme going on.
Anyway, all the pieces are still hanging at Upper Playground until June 16th. If you have any purchase inquiries, contact the Seattle, Upper Playground store at (206)985-1000.

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