Thursday, August 05, 2010


Haven't done a digital piece in awhile. Thought I'd mess around with a sketch that was a left over idea from Tasty's sci-fi show.

While I was sketching this out and coloring it, I got to thinking about all those speed painting pieces I always see online, in various forums and bulletin boards, etc. I've seen tons of gorgeous speed paintings, but I've never heard anyone say what the official time is for a speed painting. Anyone care to chime in on what the over/under is for one? I'm just curious.

Just to clarify, I'm not trying to say that this piece should be called a speed painting. This one took two hours of messing around on the cintique, and most of that time was spent dorking around with some new brushes. I have to imagine that a speed painting should be wrapped up in 30 minutes maybe? I just think it's interesting that there's so much focus on speed painting techniques. There are even tutorials on it. I get that idea that you need to get your speed up in a studio/deadline situation, but where are the books on generating great concepts and ideas? Again, I'm not saying I'm an uber genius when it comes to ideas. For christ sake, I just painted a probe droid with boobs, so count me out. These are all just stupid thoughts that role around in my head while I'm working.


Mary Margaret said...

Hey Aug - was the happy painter the original speed painter? Just some thoughts rolling around in my head.

Augie Pagan said...

If by happy painter you mean Bob Ross- then yes! He's the original O.G. speed painter! Much like Samson, his power is in his fro. R.I.P.