Monday, December 13, 2010

Post Art Jam 5

Last Saturday night at the 9lb Hammer, in Georgetown, was the 5th Art Jam where local artists came out to create live art. All the art was for sale that same night, and to keep things affordable, as always, nothing is ever over $50 bucks.

In no particular order, thanks to everyone that came out in the rain, to come see local artists do their thing. Secondly, thanks to the 9lb Hammer for letting us put this on, once again, and thanks to all the people that pitched in and gave up their time to help out. It takes more time than you think to put this together, and break it all down, and every little bit helps. Also, for the people that might not know, the sales of the art goes right back to the artists, and Art Jam takes a small piece so that we can replenish supplies and recoup advertising costs. Last, but not least, a special thanks to Corrie Greening, my partner in crime, in all this, who still comes all the way from Portland to help put this all together and make it run smoother and smoother every year, and more importantly, keeps me organized.

Here's the cleanest these easels will ever be until the artists are let loose on the boards.

Jam packed with people, and a whole lot of paint. We also had a surprise visit from Catherine Anstett from the Seattle Weekly. She took some really great pics that you can find here.

Local illustrator, and comic artist Shane White is always the first to show up, and the first to finish.

Shane kicked out this crazy close encounter for his second solo piece. Thanks for those pics Jess!

Finally got to bring out John Osgood to the event. I met him last year at the Seattle Hostel project. He's one of the residence of Bherd Studios in Greenwood. You should definitely check out the Greenwood art walks. Great scene going on up there.

Local Georgetown tattoo artist, Jobby Dorr from Art Core studios was back with a vengeance.

Recently back from showing her work at Miami's Art Basel, Maija Fiebig returned to Art Jam to paint these two beauties. She made some new art fans that night. Always great to introduce people to local artists they might not normally get to meet.

Local painter, comic artist, (and Samurai armor collector) Brian Snoddy was feeling the dark side that night. If you want to see some amazing looking, historically accurate, samurai gear, painted in gouche no less, check out his site.

Local Georgetown painter John Ohannesian was also back to get his painting on.

Memo Diaz was in attendance to bring the funk.

Here's my partner in crime, Corrie Greening and Dave Mazak, doing a collab piece. This was one of my favorites to watch because the finished piece looks nothing like how it began.

Georgetown artist, Ed Matlock was all in with a take on one of his signature playing cards. King high, Matlock?

We finally got a local Georgetown artist Dylan Pharaoh to come out and do some art. I think Dylan gets the prize for the youngest artist, to attend Art Jam.

Another tattoo artist from Art Core Studios was Chris Gay. Always great to see Chris create his collage type, paintings.

Steve Wright, another artist form Georgetown, didn't hesitate to get up on the boards and crank out these faces.

Chris Pfeifle, a.k.a. Bob Ross was also back in attendance.

The art team of Lawrence Ruelos and Emily Dohler Knox collabed on this piece. Very cool mix of styles. The young lady that walked away with this one got a steal! (Thanks for the pics guys!)

Mike, from Georgetown's Jem studios, kicked out this gator with a Seattle shout out.

This was the second Art Jam for Angelina Villalobos aka 179. Hard to not recognize her unique style.

Johnny O'Brady is another artist I meet at the Seattle Hostel project. It was great to see him come out and do his thing.
Johnny brought a stack of paintings to paint on of these gorgeous women that had a nice mono chromatic look to them. He kindly asked me to paint on one. I was pretty hesitant to add any paint because I love how they look already. Maybe I should have been a little bolder, but I just added a wash, tinted the eyes and lips, and called it done.

(Yes, I know the above pic is upside down. That's because Blogger is stupid.)

We finally got Mr. Dev Madan up on the stage. Dev's known for his video game work as well as his run on a few well known DC comics. Had blast collabing on this piece with him and Shane.

Anyway, that's the lowdown for Art Jam 5. I know I missed a lot, picture wise, as it's hard to coordinate, and get pics of all the different things going on (anyone have a good one of my owl? My pic sucks). There were roughly 20 or so artists and around 30 paintings that were created that night. Not bad. Probably our best event thus far. So good in fact, I had to use the word "thus". Thanks again everyone. Pat yourselves on the back. See you all at numero six!