Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Art Basel Week- Miami, FL.

Recently got back from Miami's Art Basel festivities. Saw tons and tons of art, and still didn't see everything that there was to see. Here are some links of random art shows and graff walls that were going on throughout the four days.

Shepard Fairey

Jeff Soto

Sean Cheetham



Tatiana Suarez

EL Mac

Sean Cheetham

Glenn Barr

Robert Williams

Michael Vasquez

Walton Ford

Robert Williams

Ron English

Shepard Fairey


Dylan said...

Sick! soo much rad stuff. did you see the ian francis/chris kuksi show at joshua liner? looked pretty sweet. kuksi started making bronze casts of his statues.

Augie Pagan said...

No. Damn. Saw some Kuksi pieces in LA last month. That guy is insane! Wish I caught his stuff in Miami. There was just WAY too much to see.

Johnny O'Brady said...


Johnny O'Brady said...