Friday, January 07, 2011

"Is This Thing On?"

Here are a couple of paintings for tonight's group show at G1988. Artists in the show got to pick comedians for their pieces. There are over 100 artists in tonight's show, and they've been previewing some of the pieces on their blog, and also over on Funny or Die.

There was quite the frenzy when it came to picking comedians for the show. I was super excited to be able to do Chris Rock. The main concept of the painting is a reference to one of Rock's comedy albums, Bring the Pain. Classic album (Yes, I said album. Deal with it). Bring the Pain is one of those shows you can quote word for word. If you don't get the imagery with the money and the books, you need to do some homework and listen to Bring the Pain. You're missing out.
The shots of Rock in the background are from various points in his career. Nat X, from SNL and I'm Going to Get You Sucka. Also Lil' Penny, who Rock voiced, from the old Nike commercials.
Title: "Utilizing the Kryptonite"
Size: 16"x 16"
Medium: Acylics on masonite

This other piece is comedian Artie Lange, formerly(?) from the Howard Stern show. Howard's show has always been unfiltered when it comes to letting his audience peek into the lives of everyone on his show, whether they like it or not. Artie was a great addition to the show, and we got to watch the good, bad, and the ugly, when it came to following Artie's life, day in and day out. The above painting is Artie in a line up, holding a picture of himself as a baby. You can find that baby pic in his book, Too Fat to Fish. Hopefully, Artie will come back to the show in some capacity. Even if it was for a day, it would be welcomed. Come back Artie! We miss you "bro"! WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
Title: "Lamentations of a Jersey Prince"
Size: 11"x 14"
Medium: Acrylics on wood

Anyway, it's great to be part of this show. Especially for someone that grew up hiding behind closed doors listening to Pryor tapes, and Cheech and Chong records with friends and older cousins. If you're in Los Angeles tonight, make sure you check out the show. Time to cut this short, and start on the next painting. Why? Cuz the man would only give me four paragraphs. Stay strong bruthas and sistas!

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Augie Pagan said...

Yeah, there was a Bill Hicks piece, but I can't remember the artist that did it.