Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bots vs Beasts/Good Omens

Since these two pieces are both for March group shows I'll just do a two-for one post.

The above piece is for Urban Light studio's Beasts vs Bots show. When you can't decide on one beast, doing an amalgamation of different ones is one solution.

Title: Beast of Burden
Size: 11"x14"
Medium: Acrylics on wood

This piece is for Bherd's Good Omen's group show. Artists in the show were asked to do interpretations from the book of the same name. The four horsemen in the book all ride motorcycles, even Death. When I get some free time, I might have to do the other three.
Title: Death
Size: 11"x14"
Medium: Acrylics on wood

Please contact the galleries to see what hours they're open this month. Not sure how long the Beasts and Bots show is up for. You can get the info from the links in this post.

Monday, March 07, 2011


As mentioned in the previous post, I brought this Hellboy painting out to the Emerald Con last weekend. This piece will be hanging in Tasty's Heroes, Vixens, and Villians art exhibit this Friday in Greenwood. I originally started this piece for my High School art teacher, Mrs. Peters. She has a local tv show back in Gilroy that showcases artists doing their craft, where she talks to the artists about the process. With such a crazy schedule the last few months, and getting ready for the con, I figured I would use the finished piece in the Tasty show.

There wasn't time to finish the painting for the show, so I shipped the painting back to Seattle to finish it in the studio and get it ready for the show.

The show was shot in Carol's art studio. I also got to paint with an old friend from high school, Jimmy Berta, who is also Carol's son. Had a blast catching up and painting with him. Just like old high school days.

You can see the color comp I was working from in the above pic (colored in photoshop), as well as the tight pencil sketch I was using for reference below.

As soon as I get word that the show is done, I'll send around the link for the online version. I'll be attending the tasty art show this Friday night, so, hope to see some of you there.

ECCC 2011 Update

Yesterday was the end of a three day comic con in Seattle, Emerald City Con. Still recovering, but just want to say, thanks to everyone that came out and took the time to stop the table and say hi. Always fun catching up with everyone. I think the only thing I don't like about the show, is that I don't have time to get out and see much of it anymore. Still, had a blast and from what I did see, can't wait for the next one.

I brought out my Hellboy painting that will be in this Friday's art show at Tasty. Since Hellboy creator himself, Mike Mignola was at the show, The Hellboy fans were in full effect . Even the Hellgirl fans came out for the show.

This Hellboy fan came by the table and showed me the coolest limited edition Hellboy shoes I ever saw. The tread on the bottom has the Hellboy fist, and they even come with three different interchangeable soles that have Mignola art on them. Glad she got to get Mignola to sign them. Pretty rad.

I wish I had more time to get out and take more costume pics, but here's a few I managed to pop off.

This Chewbacca came by the table too. He just wouldn't leave me alone. Damn Wookies.
Anyway, another con down, and now, time to get ready for the next one. Once again, thanks to everyone that stopped by. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Odd Job part 02

Here's how the final Odd Job painting came out for this month's Sidekicks and Henchmen show at Flatcolor. The show is up for the rest of the month, so go down and check it out if you're in the neighborhood.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Odd Job ( W.I.P.(part 01))

Here are some, in progress, sneak peek, pics of the piece I have in the Sidekicks & Henchmen show tonight. Thumbnails-> tighter pencil sketch -> and finally the transfered and inked drawing onto the board, in the top pic. Want to see the final piece? Then head out to Flatcolor tonight, and if you miss that, there's also an after Comic Con reception on Saturday.

In case you're not familiar with the character in the painting, Odd Job is Goldfinger's henchmen in the James Bond movie of the same name, and one of the most memorable, in the Bond franchise, in my opinion. After "hooking up" with yet another Bond girl, Sean Connery finds Shirley Eaton's character completely covered in gold paint, the next day. Apparently she falls victim to asphyxiation, from being painted in gold, head to toe. I think I was fascinated by, who would have painted her? Goldfinger wouldn't have done it, he would have sent Odd Job, right? I don't know how you inconspicuously send a big, stocky dude, dressed to the nines, with a top hat and painting supplies to a hotel to paint/kill some unsuspecting lady, but I figure he would have been involved in some capacity. Anyway, that's the thought behind the image.

I'll post the final piece soon. Probably after I recover from Emerald con. Until then check out this old commercial I found, with Odd Job, pimping Vix 44. Crazy!

New Sci-Fi Print for ECCC

Just a quick update. Picked up these prints yesterday. This is the "Robots on the Horizon" piece from last year's Sci-Fi show at Tasty. They're printed at actual size on archival, smooth, enhanced, matte paper. Only going to print a run of 300 of these, so, get 'em while you can. I'll be at Emerald Con starting tomorrow at table H-16 in artists alley. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Good Omens, Book Club (More March Madness!)

There's so much going on this month I forgot to mention another group show I'll have a piece in. This one will have artists doing visual interpretations from the book, "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. This show is the same night as the Beasts and Bots show, which is also in the Greenwood Art Collective. So, after checking out the Omens show at Bherd studios, you can also check out Bots & Beasts, just mere feet away! There are also other studios that will be showing art, that night, so come on out. Friday, Friday, Fridaaay! Be theeeeereeeeee!!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sidekicks & Henchmen 2

If you're out in Pioneer Square this Thursday for the Art Walk, stop by Flatcolor and check out Mike Wagner's solo show. Also, in the upstairs loft, I'll have a piece in the 2nd Sidekicks & Henchmen show. That should get you ready for this Emerald City Comic Con that kicks off the next day. I'll post some process shots of my piece in the next few days. In the meantime, gotta get ready for the con. Stay tuned........