Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peripheral Visions

Going to be showing a collection of past work at the Firm, down in Georgetown next Saturday. If you're coming down to the neighborhood for the Art Attack, stop on by, have a drink, and dork out on some art.

I'll also have some prints on hand as well. I'm not fully stocked, but I'll bring what I have. If there's a print you saw at a con, or on the blog, give me a heads up. If I get enough requests for a certain image, even if it hasn't been a print yet, I'll do my best to get those made up before the show. Just hit me up here augiejp@gmail.com with the subject  line: PRINTS!

On a personal note,  showing my work in Georgetown means a lot to me. I was between places when I showed up in Georgetown in 2000, when nothing was down there. Over the next few years, artists that were kicked out from Pioneer Square, post dot com implosion, and artists from as far back as the east coast, were showing up, and planting roots. At that time, I was ready to move to another city, but over the next few years, I was exposed to tons of art,(not just drawing and painting) and tons of new friends. 

More importantly, there was a big D.I.Y. vibe, going on in the neighborhood that got my creative energy flowing. That same vibe not only kicked me in the ass, but it is also a big foundation for the businesses and the people that are there now. I started getting serious about my painting and my art back in 2006, when I did the Oz show at All City coffee's old Pioneer Square joint. A lot of the art in this show was created in the old Gem studio, when All City coffee, and the 9lb Hammer were still being built. After that, I made more art in the Corson building, and yet even more art in another studio above Art Core, on Airport way.

I was reading the old post from that Oz show, and there's a long rant (like this one) where I go on about Seattle's not so thriving art scene (at the time), compared to other cities, and why more people don't put on more art events. Maybe that was my own naive point of view at the time, but that's what it felt like. Well, five years later, I can honestly say, that this is not the case anymore. Not only are there more art walks to shake a stick at these days, in multiple neighborhoods, but everyone around me, myself included, have taken the initiative, and put on some great art events. You know that to be true if you've been to any of the Art Jams we put on in Georgetown, for example. Anyway, if someone says there isn't an art scene in Seattle, there not looking in the right places. If you still think there isn't a scene, make your own. 

I just decided not to dig up an old bio for this show, or write a new one. I just wrote it.

Hope to see you there!

p.s. come back to this blog in 5 years for another long rant! Stay thirsty my friends.

Opening Reception Saturday, July 9 , 2011
as part of Georgetown's Art Attack
6pm to 9pm

The Firm 5813 Airport Way S. Georgetown, Seattle


Rhonda said...

Wow Augie! That is so wonderful to read. It sounds like you found your place to be and I am very happy to hear it (and envious too, truth be told). Very exciting to hear how the art scene in Seattle is thriving! Next time I am up there I'll need to do an art walk. Wish I could come and see this show. BTW I still have 2 of your HE background paintings that I mean to return to you one fine day. hee

Augie Pagan said...

Rhonda! Hey,good to hear from you. Definitely hit me up if you make it to Seattle. Would love to catch up, and I'm sure there will be some shows to check out too.

Megan Belcher said...

I'm proud of and happy for you... this is awesome... YOU are awesome!

Augie Pagan said...

Thanks, Meg. Too bad you didn't live closer so you could check out the show.

Megan Belcher said...

That's exactly what I was thinking... I need a private jet so I can make it to all the art shows and concerts that I sorely miss!