Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Want My Music Video Art Show (and other art show ramblings)

End of the year is upon us, as are the holidays. People are reflecting, and transition is in the air. Smell it? Mmmmm. Tasty (sometimes). The only transition going on here in the studio are the next few art shows. Aside from a new Muppet Rawk show coming up next month (deets coming soon), the next big group show is "I Want My Music Video". This one is currated by Cris Marrs Piliero and Dave MacDowell at Gallery Meltdown in LA . I'll try and document this painting a little better. Since I can't get Bjork to pose for me in my studio, it might take a little longer to finish. Check back soon for more on that.

Also coming up in a few months, a show at Flatcolor, some other stuff I'm probably forgetting, as well as another Art Jam towards the end of the year that's in the works (fingers crossed). You reading this Corrie? Let's do this! Who an I kidding. No one reads this. (Insert Charlie Brown sigh here.)

Anyway, time to get back to it, so I'll leave you with the quote of the week: "When opportunity knocks, people never recognize it because it's dressed up as hard work."
-Some guy

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