Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rock the Terminal Group Show

Hanging some art in the Rock the Terminal group show this Saturday at the Art Not Terminal gallery. Over 45 artists in the group show. If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by. If you miss it, you can always check it out during the art walk on Dec. 15th. Get the deets here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pam in the Raw

Here are a few in progress shots of the Pam Grier paintings from this month's Lowbrow Candy Store show at Flatcolor. The two man show with Dave MacDowell will be up until the 27th of this month.

Tried to take a more straight forward approach with the Pam Grier likenesses. I usually sketch things out ahead of time before transferring a drawing to the canvas. I was messing around with the above Pam sketch after finding some good reference, and just started drawing right on the canvas. Felt pretty good about the likeness so I just kept going. You can see both of the finished pieces in this post.

 Anyway, those are most of the process shots I have that were decent enough to show. Will dig around and see if I have some more. In the meantime stay tuned for more updates on some local upcoming group shows for next month. One very cool group show takes place in a galaxy far far away......

*Just a side note about blogger that's frustrating. Maybe it's just me. If you want to see these pics in their original size, you can right click and open in a new tab. For whatever reason that option keeps disappearing in the new lightbox viewer. I won't complain too much about  it because this is all free, but the inconsistency is pretty annoying, among other things. Anywhoooo, enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Random Desk Shot/Bill Murray WIP

While looking for some Pam Grier process shots, I came across these pics. The last few months was pretty nutty with a quite a few shows overlapping. The shot below is an early in progress shot for a painting that was done for the Bill Murray Tribute show at G1988 which is currently up right now. 

Here's the art table breakdown from the shot above:

Anyway, still mentally down shifting from last week's show. Will post more when I get into the lower gears.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Anatomy of a Six Foot Animal Painting

Until I can find a place that does big scans, these camera shots of the final 3'x 6' "Animal Unleashed" painting will have to do. You can read up on the original idea for this Riggs/Muppet mash-up on this earlier post from the Flatcolor show that's up this month. 

 I don't normally like to post these working sketches because they're not sexy completed looking drawings. The above sketch is just an example of the raw drawing I did in photoshop and transferred to the canvas.

 When there's time, I like to do value and color studies before going to the canvas. The lighting in this one is pretty straight forward, nothing fancy, and we already know Animal's palette, so I just kind of figure it out on the canvas as I go, for better or worse. 

 Had to take this canvas outside to slap on the bigger areas of color. After that, back into the studio to finish it up.

Only posted this above pic because I like dorking out on pictures of other artists and what was going on in their palette at the time. The "road map" as some artists like to say.

 Anyway, those were the only good pics, as it's even harder to get good ones with a big canvas and bad lighting. I did find a few decent process shots of the Pam Grier paintings. Will post those later this week. Until then, going to go catch up on all the art books I missed out on in the last few months.
See you in a few...........

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Machete Secrets Revealed!

So, here's what the original Machete piece looked like before I decided to put it in this month's Flatcolor show (up until Nov. 27th). I had bought a new pad of illustration board and started sketching random people in it. After drawing the Locke and Trejo heads, I started messing around with some acrylic ink washes. Before I knew it, I was focusing more on the Trejo head and just kept going. For the Lowbrow Candy Store show, I decided to finish it up, paint over the Locke head, and get it framed. Sorry Locke sketch. You will be missed.

I took the Trejo in along with a Jimi piece to get framed. The super nice and helpful ladies at the frame shop knew who Jimi Hendrix was, but they weren't familiar with Danny Trejo's body of work. I threw out some names of the flicks he's been in, but they still couldn't place him. I later noticed on my frame invoice that they decided to just call him Angry Man. Brilliant.

Anyway, that's the story of the Machete painting. You can also purchase a digitally enhanced "Grindhouse" print of the painting (seen above) through Flatcolor (8.5" x 11" with white border).

Next up, some Animal process shots. Stay tuned.........

Saturday, November 05, 2011

MacDowell and Pagan's Lowbrow Candy Store (TM)

Natural Mystics
Acrylic on Board
  16" x 20"

So I finally got around to putting together all the scans/images/photos I have from the Flatcolor opening last Thursday. Much thanks to everyone that came out. Nice to finally put some faces to names. If I seemed incoherent it was from lack of sleep, not paint fumes.

Anyway, it was a total honor hanging with Dave MacDowell. If you look at his stuff in the pics at the bottom of the post, you'll know why, or, just go to his website. You can also see all the pieces from the show on the Flatcolor preview page.

"Zod Crew"
Acrylic on Board
12" x 16"

"Rudy's Pussycat Den"
Acrylic on wood
23" x 20"

Couple of people were asking about the date on the Rudy piece. That painting was originally done for a Saturday Morning cartoon group show back in 2007, but it was the only one I didn't finish. It was about 65% done, so I decided to pull it out for this show and finish it up. The original idea was that it was an old Hanna Barbara lunchbox concept that never made it to the final stage of production. Hence, the curved borders. (I said hence.) 

"Pam With a Sawed Off Shotgun"
12" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas

12" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas

30" x 20"
Acrylic on Canvas


"Black Spy Mech" 
"White Spy Mech"
10.5" x 13.5" w/ frame
Acrylic on Canvas

                                            Acrylic on Illustration Board
                                                 22.5" x 19.5" (w/ frame)


Acrylics on Illustration Board
14" x 17"

               There's a little something hiding underneath this painting, but I'll save that for another post. Check back soon.......!


                                            "Jake & Elwood"
                                            Acrylic on Canvas
                                                 25" x 19"

                                             "Animal Unleashed"
                                              Acrylic on Canvas
                                                        3' x 6'
First off, apologies to Derek Riggs. Here's yet another "homage" to him, and to Animal/Muppets. Riggs did some door posters of Eddie back when Iron Maiden was blowing up. I couldn't resist doing another version of Animal, but bigger. I will also blame my buddy from high school, J. Trujillo, because he had the original door poster and asked me to draw it on his shin cast (Llamame baboso!). I guess that memory felt like it needed to come out somehow. I'll put some close-ups in the next post.

 Well, the show is up until the 27th. If you're down near Pioneer Square, get over to Flatcolor and check it out. Also, if you notice the Electric Mayhem piece in the pic above that looks like the one that was in the Muppet Rawk show last month, that's a canvas wrapped print. Just got 'em. If you want one, contact Flatcolor. They came out great and look just like the painting.

Anyway, check back soon. I'll start digging up some process shots  of the paintings and post those when I get a chance.

Until then, I'll leave you with my new favorite quote: "My work is a continuum. What makes a "body" of work is that it is grouped together and defined by and exhibition date." -Kent Williams