Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Machete Secrets Revealed!

So, here's what the original Machete piece looked like before I decided to put it in this month's Flatcolor show (up until Nov. 27th). I had bought a new pad of illustration board and started sketching random people in it. After drawing the Locke and Trejo heads, I started messing around with some acrylic ink washes. Before I knew it, I was focusing more on the Trejo head and just kept going. For the Lowbrow Candy Store show, I decided to finish it up, paint over the Locke head, and get it framed. Sorry Locke sketch. You will be missed.

I took the Trejo in along with a Jimi piece to get framed. The super nice and helpful ladies at the frame shop knew who Jimi Hendrix was, but they weren't familiar with Danny Trejo's body of work. I threw out some names of the flicks he's been in, but they still couldn't place him. I later noticed on my frame invoice that they decided to just call him Angry Man. Brilliant.

Anyway, that's the story of the Machete painting. You can also purchase a digitally enhanced "Grindhouse" print of the painting (seen above) through Flatcolor (8.5" x 11" with white border).

Next up, some Animal process shots. Stay tuned.........

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