Friday, July 13, 2012

Painting Giants

Title: "The Cosmic Giant"
Size: 16" x 20"
Medium: Acrylics on canvas

Here's a new painting for tonight's "Between Heaven and Hellboy" group show at Urban Light Studios in Greenwood.

The group show is comic booked themed and the painting depicts one of Jack Kirby's Marvel characters, Galactus. The painting itself is based off of N.C. Wyeth's painting entitled "The Giant."

If you're not familiar with Wyeth's work, it's worth sitting down and doing some homework. He was a student of Howard Pyle and he illustrated tons of classic novels. If you get a chance, it's also worth a trek out to the Brandywine Museum to see his originals that also hang with a few other generations of Wyeths.

I wish I had just as much info on seeing Jack Kirby's work. I don't think the general audience realizes how influential Kirby was/is in the comics field. The list of characters he's had a hand in creating is ridiculous. He had a hand in the creation of every Marvel character that's had a movie out except for Spidey. Your best bet on seeing some of his originals is probably going to a big comic con like San Diego Con. It's a shame there isn't some kind of exhibit dedicated to his work, especially with all the attention the Marvel movies (with his characters) have been getting. As Indy would say, his work belongs in a museum, just as much as Wyeth's.
-End of rant.

Anyway, since I'm missing San Diego con this year, I'm hoping to see some costumes come out tonight at the opening. See ya there!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Surf Graphics Art Book

Growing up in and around the Bay Area (San Jose/Gilroy), I remember the beach culture to be very influential and the only other outlet where you could see some really creative art going on. Trips to the beaches around Santa Cruz and Monterey were the norm and sometimes you could be front row to a random movie being filmed (Got to watch them film Lost Boys when they were shooting in Santa Cruz.).

Anyway, that's just one small reason why I was super stoked to be part of this recent book that just came out called Surf Graphics. 

There are tons of great artists in the book. Keith Weesner, Damian Fulton, Mr. G. and Big Toe to name a few. There's also an introduction by Jim Phillips whose art also graces the pages of the book. It's also great to see Rick Griffin's influence still resonating in the art world.

Anyway pick the book up if you get a chance and check out the other stuff Korero Books has available. You won't be disappointed.

p.s. Here's a pro tip if you're trying to hide your beer on the beach and the beach narcs come around. One Pringles can will hold two cans of beer. You never know when that might come in handy, at the beach, or otherwise.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Current & Upcoming Shows

 A quick update on the latest group shows. Got some art in this month's FACES group show at Extra Large gallery in Orlando.

Locally, there's an upcoming comic book group show at Urban Light Studios. I'll post some pics soon with the piece for that show. Stay tuned,