Monday, December 03, 2012

Mega Flashbacks

Last week I read an article that said Nintendo Power Magazine would stop publishing it's magazine as of this month. I couldn't help but reminisce a bit when I heard the news.

One of my first gigs out of art school was doing spot illustrations for Nintendo Power. I would get the assignments, drive out to the Redmond offices where they put the magazine articles together, and get to check out the latest games and discuss the art assignment with the game reviewer that I would be working with. It was a total blast.

After about a year or so I was asked to do one of the covers for the latest Mega Man game. Back then I was doing a lot of airbrush work and finished out the cover (twice up for print) with my Iwata HP-C Plus. Good times.Good times.

So, in honor of an amazing run on a great magazine and an end of an era, I thought I'd pull out the original along with the finished printed mag for this post. Goodbye Nintendo Power, and long live printed magazines, for now anyway.


Unknown said...

That's awesome and such an amazing coincidence. My wife and I met you at the Art Walk in Georgetown early November (we were the Flamingo and Dragon couple from the costume shop). Something reminded us of your work so I went to look up your site again and saw your blog post. Just last Spring, we were laid off from Nintendo's Call Center along with a bunch of other folk and we both totally remember that cover from the stacks and stacks of magazines we all had. It was sad when (as you may know) they outsourced the magazine to another company a few years ago.

Augie Pagan said...

Hey! Yeah, totally remember the two of you. Hard to forget those cool costumes. Yours reminded me of this painting I did awhile back:

Crazy coincidence that you used to work for Nintendo. Glad your crew popped in that night. Good times. Next time you see Dennise, tell her I said hi.