Friday, October 18, 2013


Acrylics on Canvas

Hands down the best Star Trek movie ever. A follow up movie of the classic Trek episode called Space Seed where Ricardo Montalbon reprises his role as Kahn. Shatner's at his best, Montalbon is on point, and the story is superbly written. Here is a great breakdown of why that story is so good by master storyteller Brian MacDonald. Brian will make you look at movies and stories in a different light, and he does a great job at making you look at Wrath of Kahn in a whole new way. He did for me anyway, and it's great to re watch it after you read his blog post. After reading that post you'll realize why they missed the mark when they tried do Star Trek Into Darkness, in my opinion. Enough about that. Get the deets on the show below.