Friday, December 13, 2013

Into the Labyrinth

"Into the Labyrinth"
12" x 16"
Acrylics on board

Here's the latest painting inspired by Guillermo Del Toro's Labyrinth that was done for G1988's annual Crazy for Cult show that will actually be going down in NYC, tonight.

I fell in love with this movie all over again while I was gathering reference and thinking of ideas for the painting. So many great characters in this flick. The environments and motives in the movie almost play out like a video game. Get the key, get the knife, here's your chalk for drawing doors to other rooms. If only...

I also love Del Toro's approach to creatures. I might have to pick up his sketchbook. Great concepts and a great sense of pacing when it comes to building tension. I think I re-watched that Pale Man scene 10 times in a row. If you really want to hear how much of a film nerd Del Toro is, check out this great interview with him as he dissects (no pun intended) his love for Hitchcock movies in Studio Q. 

 The week I was doing this painting, I happened to take a visit to the local EMP museum to see the latest Fantasy exhibit. To my surprise, they had a mask of the main creature from the movie on display. Wish I could have taken him back to the studio.

Here are a few pre painting sketches. Anyway, if you're in NY tonight, check out the opening. 

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