Saturday, May 31, 2014

Daft Punk Deux

"Daft Punk Legacy"
12" x 16"
Acrylics on board

Here's the latest piece for Gauntlet Gallery's 2nd Daft Punk group show.
I decided to go with the Tron version of Daft Punk for this piece. I dug the visuals from Tron Legacy, and the soundtrack that Daft Punk did for the flick is the perfect music to paint to.

On the topic of painting, it was fun to go with a monochromatic palette to try and capture that Tron vibe. If I had more time I would have dusted off the old airbrush to get some nice glow effects. This was also an attempt at a looser and faster approach I might look more into, just to change things up a bit. Must experiment.

Anyway, if you're in San Francisco tonight, check out the show!

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