Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seinfeld Art Show

"Elaine's Elusive Red Hot Nips"
12" x 16"

Here's a new one for Gallery 1988's Seinfeld group show which opens tonight!
The image is based off of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's album Mother's Milk.
I couldn't find a photography credit on the Wiki, but it was interesting to read up on the concept of the album and what it was inspired from.

The painting has a few Seinfeld show references. The one with the Pez, George's photo shoot, Kramer wearing the pimpy technicolor dream coat, and I tried subtlety covering Elaine's nips in reference to her slip nip episode. Jerry naturally had to be in a Superman suit.

Anyway, had a blast doing this one. HUGE fan of this show and still continuously watch it to this day. If you're a fan, you might enjoy this behind the scenes clip from Curb where they did the reunion episode. It's crazy to see how they went about putting the Seinfeld apartment back together. Enjoy.

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