Friday, February 05, 2016

Pixel Hearts

 "8-Bit Invasion"
12" x 12"
Acrylics on wood

Chogrin has cooked up a great group show for tonight. Gallery 1988 will be hosting Pixel Hearts. A group show based around the video game culture. All the artists in the show were given a 12" x 12" wood panel cut out like an 8-bit heart. Can't wait to see what everyone does for this show.

This pic will give you an idea of the wood thickness. That xerox on the easel is the final sketch I used for transferring onto the board. I'll follow up with a post that has more step by step stuff.

I wanted to do  an all Centipede piece, but I couldn't resist getting some of the other iconic, coin-op arcade game characters in there. 

Anyway, if you're in the area tonight or this month, check out the show!